You can now renew your GoDaddy domains up to only 30 days after expiry

Godaddy domains will now be able to be renewed up to only 30 days after expiry.

This, I think, is supposed to fix the GoDaddy auctions problem where the domain name owner can current;y renew domains up to 7 days after the expired auction ends.

But of course this is the GoDaddy way of fixing things: make it easier for GoDaddy to change and screw as many people as possible.

My proposal was to reduce auction time from 10 to 3 days and also move the auction start forward. That would have given the domain name owner more days to renew AND the auctions would work properly.

Also there is no mention of fixing any of the other problems that remain with GoDaddy auctions.

Anyway this is the changes GoDaddy make starting December 4, 2017:

“We are making a change to our domain name expiry process and wanted to give you enough notice to make decisions on your portfolio. GoDaddy is changing the domain renewal timeline from 42 to 30 days for most domains. Based on our research, less than 1% of our customers renew after 30 days.

Starting Dec 4, the following changes will happen to expired domain names:

  • After Day 5 of expiration, DNS, email, hosting, redirecting and any other DNS-dependent services will be interrupted and stop working.
  • After Day 30 of expiration, domain names are no longer able to be renewed or transferred away.

We wanted to give a heads -up so you have enough notice to make decisions on your portfolio.  As always please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.”


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  1. So they are giving 2 weeks notice from when they enacted it last night I would assume.

    Maybe a full cycle of 1 month’s notice would have been more professional?

  2. Crazy this industry is…. Domain investors have been complaining for YEARS about the auction platform and nothing was changed. NOTHING…….enter the Domain King. After calling them out publicly the changes happen within hours..How?….It’s easy, the king put #FTC in his tweets. FTC is the branch of government that regulates auctions. This issue was clearly infringing on legalities. This became a huge legal liability and the changes are happening quickly as a result.

    • Hello Aaron,
      Kudos in figuring out Ricks Strategy, Rick has always held the belief that as a group Domainers embody the best and brightest. Its no mistake that most of the true visionaries in our Industry congregate here at Konstantinos Platform. Congrats to everyone. JAS
      Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )

  3. Rick mentioned in his twits also the SHILL BIDDING scandal at NameJet, GoDaddy and other Auction Houses I’ve talked many times about, which is a way more serious issue in the domain industry.
    But nothing has changed on that front, too many scammers and domainers, bloggers, etc involved in the pump-and-dump, in collusion with Auction Houses, with their very own conflicts of interest I guess …
    But I think that CAN OF WORMS will be opened as well soon … stay tuned … fraudsters can run but not hide …

  4. very lame…your idea was much better.

  5. Wouldn’t your proposal still allow the owner to renew during the auction?

    GoDaddy’s solution means that the auction doesn’t even start until after the owner can no longer renew/transfer. So no more auctions being canceled while running, no more refunds after you already paid, and the owner still has an entire month to renew which is still more than most registrars offer.

    I like it… the era of live appraisals and other assorted games has finally come to an end. Now they just need bidder aliases; won’t hold my breath though.

    • I would maybe cut 2 or 3 days from the 42. Not 12.
      Godaddy’s solution does not mean that. Owners can still renew up until day 5 of 10. My solution would solve that too. So yes auctions will still be cancelled while running.

  6. about Domain Renewal Rules should binding all accredited registrars, isn’t it? ICANN said after 30 days, the owner can restore with paying fees if I am not wrong..

  7. USe registrars without conflicting interests. Many smaller outfits charge more per year but don’t have expired auctions.

  8. Rick mentioned that all domain auctions are scams but failed to mention his very own Traffic auction which i know for a fact was a scam from being a bidder on several traffic auctions where i was outbid and then the fake winning bidder never pays driving the prices up and then they call the next highest bidder to pay.
    I have been scammed at GoDaddy auction, NameJet auction, and Traffic Auction.

    Speaking of expired domains, i think once a domain is expired, it should be expired and sent to auction. There shouldn’t be 30 days for renewal. You have the whole year to renew your domains and if you forget, that’s your fault, it should be expired.

    I still love GoDaddy even though they scammed me on several domain auctions.

  9. SHILL BIDDING & EXPIRED DOMAIN NAMES, are the same activities?

  10. I have a great example of a name at expired auction right now. COINTRUST.COM
    This guy did the same things with twice according to namebio. I was actually a bidder on that name. He’s just trying to get a real live appraisal once again.

  11. It’s a start that GoDaddy reacted and made changes – but it is also equally irritating, wrong and insulting that they ignored and still ignore 42 accurate articles from Konstantinos and others. I think the Domain King should unretire GoDaddyBlows,com until they get ALL the fixes in. They obviously listen to just one customer.

    Not even a blockchain solution will matter until ICANN eliminates the fact that people holding a registrar license can simply use tcp/ip (x #licenses) to grab domains that have expired; add in the extremely confusing cycles tied to the domains …. Right now it looks not like an industry but rather a scheme. Hopefully, I’m very wrong.
    If the domain expires, it should be expired and not some dodgy status that will subsequently influence its ownership and value, imho.
    Great writing Konstantinos.

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