Most People Think That XYZ Registry Gave ABC.XYZ To Google For Free

abc-xyz-googleAfter Google announced that it is creating a new holding company, called Alphabet and the new website is using the domain name I ran a poll asking readers what they thought the domain was sold for.

The domain name was sold by the XYZ registry to Google for an undisclosed amount of money. The domain was sold sometime after the 30th of July, 2015 and before the 4th of August according to domain name whois history.

The domain name was part of the 100 domains that were reserved (according to ICANN rules) by the XYZ registry for its own promotion and usage.

Also, it seems that Google bought the domain name for $3,800. An active New gTLD investor, called Dan Yadgar, said in the forum that he sold the domain name at last week. He thinks he sold it too cheap because he didn’t know it was Google buying the domain name.

I reached out to the XYZ registry with some questions regarding the deal but they told me that they can’t comment on this in any way.

Sold.Domains is reporting (in the all time top 10 sales) that 9 New gTLD domain names have been sold for 6 figures or more in the past 1,5 year since the New gTLD program started.

34% of the people, the highest percentage, think that the XYZ registry gave the domain name to Google for free. 18% think that the registry sold the domain for cheap: less than $10,000. Only 9% think that PR marketing was included in the deal.

Here are the results of the poll:









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About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. who gives a shit
    story is old
    .xyz is .shit

  2. Most people, 32! Jeez. Title is deceiving.

    • That is the top percentage. People seem to only complain lately…

      • Yeah, I can see that, but ‘people’ sounds global! You mean OD Readers.
        Anyway, a majority of voters believed otherwise, for what it’s worth.

      • @Howie I didnt know Iowa had name investors. this blog is global as it gets. the blogger is Greek and he blogs in English.
        in fact, look around .. TheDomains is great too,
        but it sounds like a 12-years old is writing it;

      • I think that’s unfair to the writers at TheDomains.

        Michael Berkens is one of the most astute industry observers. He avoids hyperbole and tends to give his objective opinion. Even if he dashes off pieces with misspellings occasionally, the substance of what he says carries weight.

        Jamie Zoch does a lot of investigative digging, which requires skill. After all that raw work gathering information, it’s amazing he has any time left to string together any article.

        As for Raymond Hackney, he’s both a solid writer and very well informed about the domain market. Plus, he stays up to date on all sorts of surrounding internet topics. People take him for granted just because he’s everywhere. He shines a light on the story; seldom on himself. Very intelligent guy. No 12 year old.

        And this takes nothing whatsoever away from Konstantinos or other domain news sites (like the one I write for).

      • Why do you say thedomains sounds a 12 year old is writing it?

  3. Do you also promote .xyz for free KZ?

  4. Thanks for blogging, Konstantinos.

    • You are welcome. You are one of the few that understand what I do.
      Seems that when I blog about .com, I am against new gtlds and when I blog about new gtlds I am against .com. And when I am against .xyz I am against all new gtlds, when I blog about .xyz I am a .xyz cheerleader and so on… Whatever…

      To all: read my thousands of posts and comments and then come back to me. And as far as .xyz is concerned, my .xyz is one of the top results in google. Read it again.

      • You are the most unbiased Domain blogger, period…..In America it is political debate season and the mainstream media has been under extra scrutiny for being biased. That same mentality seems to be carried over to your blogging and it is unjust at best. You are educating, while others are destroying…….Thank you for your contributions and helping new domain investors succeed within a hostile community.

      • As I see things, criticism is healthy.

        But it’s also true that interacting with domainers all day long, every day, for years means getting bottles thrown at the back of your head at least 2-5 times per day. It can be exhausting picking out the glass shards from one’s scalp.

        There’s plenty of disagreement within the domain industry about TLDs. Many people have money at stake; so discussion can get heated. Plus, it’s human nature to get sick of any topic after awhile. People who do the reporting walk a fine line between giving their audience more of what they liked discussing yesterday … or suddenly reaching the saturation point and overdoing it. Since it’s a mixed audience, person A will get bored and irritated while person B wants to hear more. Can’t please everybody.

        There’s a great scene in “A Cry in the Dark” where TV news viewers get so sick of hearing Meryl Streep’s character say that a Dingo ate her baby that they just want to see her convicted of murder so that they can have more variety on the screen. And she is.

        Those of us who simultaneously invest in established TLDs and experiment with nTLDs will always be rounded up or down by people who are in a hurry or who have an agenda.

        It’s not a bad thing if readers wonder about blogger bias. But you can see how neutral someone like Konstantinos is by looking at all the critical comments he allows to be published and how even-handed he is in responding to people he partially disagrees with.

        There are domain blogs where everything is sunshine and everybody agrees with one another. Avoid those like the plague!

  5. The more comments, the healthier a blog is whether they are for or against the views of the blogger.

  6. Of course! Do you really think that one of the most popular brands in the world paid 6 figures to an unknown company for a domain in an unknown TLD that is desperately trying to promote? It would be easier to believe it was the other way around…

    • Let me guess, com is king

      It’s been done several times already and it will be done now and in the future.

    • WhoIsInfoNotAvailable

      @Joe well, they did buy everything BUT the dot com; maybe that’s their point… bmw reinforces their point by not opposing their registration, instead bmw got their own .tld … …. wake up and smell the coffee already;

  7. I use to read your blog very day (not anymore) but ever since you have change your attitude toward .XYZ for what ever reason,you are just another blogger.

    .xyz could have been a generic extension if Negari wouldn’t messed it up.
    I have over 1,000 gtld’s.

    None of .xyz

  8. Hey mate, love to read your articles appreciate all the time and effort you put in you have a great knowledge for domains and I can always pick up bits and pieces , would love to see and article on udrp like what happens do you get an email download a form fill it in etc so if ever I get one I know what the process is many thanks I believe people should remember to you two ears and one mouth do twice the listening and half the talking you learn more by this

  9. So you still think .xyz is worthless ?
    Maybe i did mist couple posts.

    • There are many better new gtlds. And a few worse.
      I would not invest more than $5-$10 on a name. If you could get or some popular keywords for $10 then you are in luck. If you intent to buy then you should better throw your money out the window. I own no .xyz domains.
      I would never pay $6,600 for a .xyz to then resell. This a time to sell (if you have any), not buy .xyz domains.
      .xyz is maybe good if you have an open source project or something non-commercial. But that is not domaining.

  10. Thanks for sharing the poll results. What most people think is more often than not wrong.

  11. Doing good job, dont worry about negative people. Solid writing as always.

  12. So many complaints. You realise Konstantinos’ blog is fully voluntary. Feel free to stop reading and I will keep reading.

  13. Konstantinos, Thank You for blogging, for sharing your view, sharing your personal take on investing, sharing the knowledge on digital asset investment. Thanks for being the least self-serving blog within the name investing industry please dont waste your time replying to frustrated creativy.
    There’s so much intelligence, creativity, adaptation, freedom within this industry, and yet i cannot possibly understand comments such as “i used to read your blog …. ”
    wake up and smell the coffee people;
    .com investing works for you ? great keep at it. ngtlds investing
    works for you ? great keep at it. .com + .gtlds investing works even better -and you get to learn it all here, for free.. do not like it ? stop reading it ..
    it would be more productive, if the dot coms pioneers would embrace the newcomers and focus on the new intelectual property game, before
    some 12 years old kid somewhere in bluckflick nowhere Iceland invents a new DNS system and goodbye to the root …

    disclaimer, i have never met nor spoke with Konstantinos; but i have learnt a lot here. do as he says, go back and read it all, … change channel if you dont like.

    also thank you for Konstantinos.

  14. @ive never said the opposite, all i meant, is that MB needs to spell check;
    but no one can deny the over self-serving texts, that is all i meant, no disrespect;

  15. Whether the .xyz registry gave to Google for free (I assume they did) it’s evident that the only reason Google went for an .xyz domain for their new holding company is because of their decision to call it Alphabet. It’s obvious that “Alphabet” and .xyz makes sense. It’s sadly the only thing where .xyz makes sense imo (that and sites related to “examining zippers”). The only .xyz domain that makes more sense than is but I guess Google thought that was a bit too long 😉

    I’m pretty sure that if Google would have chosen ANY other holding name it would not in a million years have chosen an .xyz domain. Most likely not even as a defensive registration.

  16. Now that’s a failboat. Innovation people… old dogs best learn new tricks 😉

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