Google’s Launch Of ABC.XYZ Could Mean Everything For New gTLDs

xyz-logo-purpleGoogle’s launch of its new Alphabet company on was all over the news this past week. And not just domain or tech news. It was on mainstream news all over the world as well.

This new website could mean a lot for domain names and everything for New gTLDs. It could be the first step towards universal recognition. But also this buzz could easily fade away.

What we need is an type launch every month to keep the interest alive and to have a steady New gTLD growth and adoption. Maybe not of the same caliber, but you get the point.

Some, including me, said that this website is not hosting a new Google service or product. It is not a consumer website. Some will say that it doesn’t matter that Google is using .xyz because no one will notice.

But it will be an active website sooner or later. As soon as the new holding company is created and all the Google companies sit below it, it will become active. And Alphabet will probably go public.

The “Investor” section of, that now forwards to, will be active and all the Google company reports will point to

Again people will say that this is not a consumer website and that investors are very few (compared to consumers) but that seems like a good thing at this time. At this point New gTLDs mostly need to be recognized by people that build new websites. People that fund the startups and build their new business websites. These are the people that have the money and drive the trends. If they build them, they will come.

If you missed the Google, Alphabet and articles this past week here is a recap:

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  1. K-Great post and yes it really does matter-this is Google we’re talking about here. We reg’d. one REALLY good .xyz and why wouldn’t we? I also noticed that there’s very few .xyz numerics available-the Chinese have been buying many .io numerics and I wonder if they are doing the same with .xyz in light of the Google move.

  2. Already some .xyz domains are for sale at Flippa. Some extremely good ones, if you remove the things right of dot.

  3. I’m so sick of people saying this is meaningless because it’s just a holding company.

    Not every holding company has an 4-digit Alexa rank…

  4. Awareness for new gTLDs has really taken off in 2015. More and more big brands are embracing new domains and putting them to use in creative ways. It looks like the demand many anticipated is clearly there and we’re well on the way to mainstream adoption.

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