Google Buys ABC.Club – “ABC” Domain Name Registrations Continue

abc-xyz-googleGoogle continues its Alphabet related domain name shopping spree. It has now registered or purchased close to 100 domain names related to the Alphabet company launch.

Yesterday Google bought the domain name ABC.Club at its brand protection registrar, Mark Monitor. The domain name was sold for an undisclosed price by the .Club registry. Google also bought from a domainer for $3,800 and from the .Global registry.

The sale was announced on Twitter by Colin Campbell:
Others continued to buy “abc” related domains even after my last post 4 days ago that featured hundreds of registered domains. Here are a few of the latest domains:

Some of these domains have very expensive yearly renewals. For example the domain has a renewal rate of more than $220 USD per year.

If you missed the Google, Alphabet and articles this past week here is a recap:

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  1. Since and redirect to, Google should buy as well 🙂

    • How about ABC.NET, I think it’s the most suitable name, and Google would thus revive the most beautiful extension there ever was. The original .NET which conveys the spirit of the InterNET before it was becoming too COMmercialized.

  2. Guest who owns and uses the Internet master Google. If my company is based on simplicity, I would wanna own
    Finally, domain names that says it all.

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