What Do Google Employees Think Of The Creation Of Alphabet Inc?

abc-xyz-googleQuora asked a question targeting current and former Google employees.

What do Google employees think of the creation of Alphabet Inc?

So far there have been 14 responses. Here are a few of the most interesting quotes from various current and former Google employees:


What I found probably the most interesting was the choice for the domain name they picked for Alphabet Inc, namely abc.xyz. Mostly because Google owns plenty of new gTLDs and Alphabet Inc can afford to buy .alphabet for example.


By making this decentralization explicit, the entities within Alphabet can flourish without the distraction of core business, and Google can slim down and move faster.


If this is implemented well, it could do a nice job clarifying the relationship between Google and its moonshot divisions and acquisitions. For example, say Google acquires a great small company WXYZ. Is WXYZ expected to move its technology onto the Google stack? […] I can see the potential advantages of having Google and WXYZ as separate Alphabet companies and going from there.

As to Google the company under Alphabet, I couldn’t be happier with Sundar Pichai as CEO; he’s been doing a great job already.


Looking at where the company is today, I can definitely say the move make sense. In fact, there were hints along the way. Sundar taking over most of Google’s core operations month ago. Google branching out into everything future-oriented for years.


For an hour or so, productivity dropped to zero here in Search, with engineers discussing the history of reorgs at Google and how a reorg can increase the value of a company. With no ambiguity as to where Search will be, we checked GOOG and GOOGL – the stock was up 5% after market (now >6%). Cool! Someone did their analysis. Back to work 🙂


I think it’s really a necessary development.  It’s easy to see a future where Alphabet companies employ a quarter-million people.  It’s hard to see how Google could have withstood that kind of growth.


It makes total sense to me. Especially from an organisational (e.g. Motorola), legal and financial (e.g. tax & royalties) point of view. This could have happened much sooner.


So with the creation of Alphabet , Google has again shown to the world that Google is “focused” on everything 🙂 From Search engine to connected cars, from home integration to internet ballons. from financials  to health- it is really exploring and exploding in multiple dimensions and thats going to make all stakeholders very happy

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