Google Registers 78 “Alphabet” & “ABC” Domains 2 Days After The ABC.XYZ Announcement

abc-xyz-googleGoogle announced on the 10th of August that it is creating a new holding company, called Alphabet and the new website is using the domain name

More than 25,000 .XYZ domains have been registered in the past 3 days, since Google’s announcement. And many domains were registered in .com and other extensions by many individuals.

But what other domains has Google been buying?

Daniel Negari didn’t reveal a lot on the deal on Bloomberg because of the NDA with Google. How much do you think that the domain name ABC.XYZ was sold for? It seems that Google bought the domain name for $3,800 from a domain name investor.

The announcement was made on the 10th. Google registered on the 11th of August the following domains:
(and for

Third parties registered the following domains after the announcement:

Are these looking for UDRP and legal trouble?

Somehow and for unknown (to me) reason people had registered the following domains years before the announcement:

And of course these are (some of) the registrations in the legacy TLDs. Now let’s move on to the New gTLDs where the registrations are numerous…

I guess Google of rather its brand protection agency didn’t expect this reaction and the number of the domain names (related to alphabet and abc) that happened after the and Alphabet announcement. So they missed a lot of domains and only started making extensive defensive registrations on the 12th of August. 2 days after the announcement. Too late if you ask me.

Here are the 78 domains that Google registered on the 12th and the 13th of August:

And here are some (255) of the New gTLD domain names registered by third parties:


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  1. This just shows how incompetent are Google’s executives. Securing of strategic domain names is a critical step that should be done way before the name is announced to public. Shopping spree within all new gTLDs is nonsense and dumb action.

    Or should we just say: “New gTLD program will end Google dominance” ? 🙂

  2. It also has the appearance of a welfare program for new TLD operators.

  3. This destroys all barriers of common sense. If you look carefully there is only one domain listed in this entire article that casts light on this nonsense. abc.FAIL

    Honestly….this simply makes all extensions even dotcom worthless…this article proves that in itself.

    Great job reporting info though I must say!!!!

  4. Interesting article. I wonder if it makes a difference the Alphabet name against the ABC name? For instance – I wonder if Google would have a good case against these as there must be hundreds of companies that use ‘ABC’ – compared to Alphabet, where there would be less? I’m surprised Google didn’t acquire all the ABC new tlds before making the announcement!

    • The thing here is that seems to have a real connection to the new company “Alphabet”.

      But some “abc” and “alphabet” trademark holders will argue that some domains such as or have nothing to do with the Google companies and are infringing on their rights.

  5. Why not just leave it at, brand and take legal action on anyone stepping on toes.

    Google being their historic invented name is different, but ‘alphabet’ and ‘abc’ are generic. Moreover there is talk about BMW and a trademark issue, however as far as I could see, Google does not own ‘Alphabet’ or ‘ABC’ as a trademark? Although there are a couple/few of each in the US.

  6. Just found another two both owned by google, ABCD.XYZ, ABCDE.XYZ

  7. I heard from a Korean friend of mine that a famous Korean girl group sang a song whose lyrics include abcxyz (yes, in English) in quite many phrases. What a foresight!

  8. .Fail is an understatement

  9. Thanks Konstantinos
    I agree with your points.
    I remember seeing up for auction last month on flippa. That could have been an even greater domain for them as its shorter!

  10. Big G dont give a s**t – 25 000 in 3 days? huh

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