There are now more than 500.000 .gr domains

The .gr registry announced that .gr reached a new milestone on April 21, 2021.

There are now more than 500.000 .gr domain names registered.

In the past 10 years .gr domain registrations almost doubled.

The registry supports domain name registration in both Latin and Greek alphabets.

Besides .gr, that is the most popular extension in Greece by far, there a few other extensions available for registration in Greece:

  • .ελ

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  1. Πρώτη φορά βλέπω αριθμούς να δημοσιεύονται. Δηλαδή μετά από 26+ χρόνια δεν έχουμε ούτε εκατομμύριο. Μηδενική προβολή των ονομάτων χώρου στην Ελλάδα μας!

  2. Way to Tsitsipas!!!

    He is surely the GREEK GOD!!

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