I just got payment from Oliver Hoger

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I just got payment from Oliver Hoger for the money he owed me for a year for the attorney fees after he had his injunction denied.

Just to make everything clear, the order for the attorney fees payment came directly from the court in last year’s decision.

Of course this payment doesn’t change my feelings and the fact that I want nothing to do with him in the future.

I want nothing to do with him or his friends that told him to file the injunction.

I know who they are and they know I know who they are. And now I have proof they told Oliver to file for the injunction.

Be careful who you do business with in the domain name community.


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  1. Who are his friends?

    I want to whip their ass till they bleed!!!

  2. Oliver, come become a domainer! You’re probably too inept to write an apology with the payment. With a domain like congratulations.services, you could hire ppl to write good stuff about you.

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