DAN listens and makes a change on its domain landing pages

After Undeveloped changed its name and branding to DAN on June 19 a few people complained about the new domain name landing pages displaying DAN.com.

Up until then domain names for sale at Undeveloped had a landing page like this below. Notice it says “undeveloped” at the top left corner? It didn’t say undeveloped.com.

So after the rebranding the landing pages included the complete domain name DAN.com on the landing pages:

Michael Law complained first about including the .com on the new landing page. He said on Twitter the next day:

Josh Reason agreed on that day with Michael and continued 3 days later:

A few more people agreed including Art Malkov:

So on July 4th Josh noticed that the .com part was gone and landing pages had just the DAN logo and the brand name “DAN” next to it. They also added the wording “fast & easy domain transfers” below DAN:

This is one of the rare times that a company listens AND makes a swift change.

Read here an interview from Reza Sardeha explaining more about the new Domain Automation Network at DAN.com.

(DAN is an OnlineDomain.com sponsor.)


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  1. Too many parking platforms, whatever!!!

    Just make the sales
    Show me the money!!

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