Live Chat and Mailchimp can now be added to Efty marketplaces

Efty announced 2 new features today. You can now add Live Chat and Mailchimp to your Efty marketplaces.

Every Efty account comes with a domain name marketplace feature, making it easy for buyers to browse your entire portfolio and purchase your domains. The two new integrations to Efty Market will help you to communicate with your visitors in real-time and build an email list of potential buyers.

Both of these integrations are available on the Efty Growth and Professional tier.


Efty has teamed up with Tawk.to to bring forever-free live chat to your Efty marketplace site, allowing you to communicate with buyers in real-time, either from the advanced Tawk.to dashboard or directly from your mobile device while you are on the go.

Tawk.to also offers another way to monitor visitor behavior on your site and gives insight into traffic stats. That is if you’re not so into Google Analytics for example.


If you are planning to capture leads and build an email list of potential buyers now you can build an email list of prospective domain name buyers with Mailchimp at Efty.

When you follow this tutorial you can place a popup asking visitors to subscribe to your mailing list.

Mailchimp allows you to customize the text, colors, size, the position on your site and much more.  Best of all,  just like Tawk.to, Mailchimp is forever-free up to 2000 contacts.


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  1. Adding these tools with limits of 2000 domains? Not a great idea, anyone can take a free plugin and install/integrate it with their site. Why is this a major new everywhere? Does it come for all domains, no. Does it cost extra for over 2000 domains, yes.

    EFTY.com just keeps talking about pretty landers etc all the time. The truth is their system is not user friendly and bulk editing tools are not easy to use. They don’t even provide the following on their landing pages:

    1. Lease/rent to own
    2. just lease only
    3. Buy on monthly installments
    4. Joint venture development – where potential buyers can use domain for sharing revenue and equity in the venture.

    I know other players are working on the above features.

    And, btw…what about people who have over 5000 domains? They can’t even use their system. I hope this is not taken as negative but as a constructive criticism.

    • Domain Boss, I am with you on it. Mailing list feature is questionable, since that person likely wants specific domain so A) I dont think they will sign up just to get updated on 1 domain and B) and most importantly, You don’t know which domain they are interested in. Live chat is meh, maybe a bit more useful, the issue is its only their expensive packages which I don’t belive are you worth the price.

      They are lenders are not effective either. So far undeveloped did much better for me then efty. Or domain market pro, which is rough around edges but allows all the features you mentioned.

      I think efty is overhyped and under delivers.

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