Mike Mann: “Every day there is at least one domain being deleted that is worth a million dollars.”

Mike Mann wtote on social media: “Every day there is at least one domain being deleted that is worth a million dollars. Not easy to find and get it first.”

Andrew Rosener replied on twitter: “I would say 1 in every 10 days at best. $100k name very day yes. Unless you put an infinite timeline on value realization which wouldn’t make any sense. Any more than 15 -20 years (max) would make the time value of the capital invested today better placed elsewhere.”

Of course there are quite a few good domains still dropping (or expired because most good domains don’t go through the whole expiry circle but are auctioned by the registrar) that are sold for 5 figures every day. These prices are wholesale so I am sure that the new owners will be asking at least $100k or more.

Here are some more comments made by Mike Mann:

“one out of 200,000 a day being deleted, not saying you can get it, or even recognize its worth”

“also the worth is a long term issue, where its extremely hard to get the value out but evenso the stuff is there”

“based on a long term appraised value, despite the difficulty selling them, I think there is at least one with an intrinsic worth of at least $1M dropping every day”

“There are some I know are worth 100K I often get up to 50K for in the market which could appreciate 10X or just be worth 1M to the person who pays me 50K. They wont sell it for less often if they need it and love it. Make big profits.”

I think the real question should be if there is a domain name being sold every day for a million dollars each.

DnJournal reported just 11 sales over $500k in 2017 and 12 domains in 2016. Of course there are a lot of unreported sales but I don’t think they are even close to 300+ per year.

So if domains are not sold daily for $1 million then how are dropping or expired domains auctioned daily worth $1 million each?


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  1. say thing to say but fact is what mike sells is a fraction of what he owns and i bet a majority of it will never sell. this is how most big portfolios are. the few support the many but when if ever do the many sell unless you sell the whole lot?

  2. not 200.000 domains drop daily but
    in the last 12 days only 956001 dot com domain have been dropped equals 79666 per day

  3. >”So if domains are not sold daily for $1 million then how are dropping or expired domains auctioned daily worth $1 million each?”

    The answer lies in what he said – “intrinsic value.” Real value vs. reported market behavior. The huge astronomical defect in many industry luminaries thinking is that they perceive “value” the exact same way they look at (only) residential real estate “value.” In everyone’s minds, the “real estate” analogy is the paramount governing principle, and consciously or subconsciously they believe they have to “value” domain names in the exact same way they look at real estate. So in their minds, typical thinking and statements like “such and such variety of homes and condos are only going for this “x” amount this year,” and therefore the same applies to domain names, without even thinking or wanting to think more clearly about everything that goes into the true intrinsic value, including the true economic potential real hard money potential. It is also one BILLION times more accurate, easy and reasonable to speak in terms of true “comparables” with residential real estate than it is with domain names, digital real estate, but that still does not keep people from thinking otherwise and acting accordingly, to all our and to their own detriment.

  4. How many times has Mike realized a million dollar domain through sale ?

  5. It’s the intrinsic value (eg $1M) of a domain over time to a perfect end user, to whom Mike may sell it for 50k after picking it up on the drop. Win-win all round.

  6. Since the registers has the first knowledge of such; I think it is kind of shady and unaffair for an expired domain to be auction by a registers; taking advancetage maybe.
    In some state housing rules for foreclosures/etc. the public a none property investors has the chance to buy that listed discounted property first. You can find facts about this and similarity of such activities. Yup..

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