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Mike Mann’s Latest Domain Acquisitions & Sales (CoolDomains .com, GaySocial .com, VoteDonaldTrump .com)

Here is a look at some of Mike Mann’s domain acquisitions and sales from the last month or so. Mike Mann is the owner of that offers more than 250,000 premium domain names for sale.

Domain name purchases: $5,500 (NameJet) $600 $311 $275 $70 $69

Domain name sales:  $15,000 (Purchased 7/8/2009 $70)  $3,000 (Purchased 12/20/2010 $7.50)


My Comments


These are the original registration dates of the purchased domains: (1998) (1997) (2004) (2008) (2014) (2006) (2000) (2016) (2014) was most likely not an expired domain but a domain auctioned by its owner on Namejet. I lost track of all the ownership changes over the years but what I found interesting was that back in 2003 the owner from New York also owned the domain name The domain was sold in late 2013 to a buyer from China for $2.4 million dollars brokered by

Also was used to showcase many other domain names at that time (2003) like these:

All these domains were under this heading: “.com Premium Domains $399 US & up”. These were the days! was owned by a guy from Georgia, US before Mike bought it after a drop. It was originally registered in 2010 (why?) and dropped again in 2015. was a good sale keeping in mind how long this domain is. is a cool domain but the best value for money and my favorite was At $69 it was a bargain but every bargain takes a lot of work to find.

Sales: was bought by Platinum Batteries Europe Limited from Manchester, UK. was purchased by SMARTINFO.SE from Sweden.

Other comments:

One thing to remember is that Mike Mann needs to sell about $2.5 million worth of domains per year to break even and that he is not a flipper. The average holding time for the 2 sold domains above is about 6.25 years.  Click here to read my previous report of Mike Mann’s purchases and sales.

And here are a couple of tweets from Mike that I find interesting:

If you are a band with a generic name that I happen to own .Com of, you might not be that great if you cant afford $500.

The best domains that go on auction on a daily basis sell for around $5000 but are really on average worth at least 10 times that, the issue is enough cashflow to win all the auctions.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Great read. Thank you!

  2. Andrea Paladini
    Unless he’s thinking to sell apples (from an office … 😉 ) I see some chances of TM troubles there …

    • Andrea Paladini

      And yes, I know there are some companies with a similar name, also in the UK, selling office supplies … but that’s a risky branding IMHO … 🙂
      Not my types of names 😉

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