Mike Mann’s Latest Domain Acquisitions & Sales (EyePhone.com, etc.)

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Here is a look at some of Mike Mann’s domain acquisitions and sales from the last month or so. Mike Mann is the owner of DomainMarket.com that offers more than 250,000 premium domain names for sale.

Mike Mann shares some of his domain purchases and sales on his twitter account @mikemanndotcom.

Domain name purchases:

Facetimer.com $8
TwitterNames.com $70
EyePhone.com $1,000

mikemann01mikemann02mikemann03Facetimer.com was originally registered in 2007 and it was then dropped in 2014, caught by HugeDomains.com only to be dropped again before Mike Mann registered it.

TwitterNames.com has a 2007 registration date. The domain expired and Mike probably got it for $70 with a simple backorder and no other interested parties.

EyePhone.com has a 1999 registration date. The domain was at Uniregistry before it was transferred to ENOM to be auctioned at Namejet where Mike got it.

The first 2 domains seem like a legal risk to me. The 3rd should be fine is used properly.


Domain name sales:

MagicLens.com $19,000 (purchased for $166)
ProtectYourMind.com $2,000 (purchased for $7.50)
HelpSomeone.com $4,000 (purchased for $350)
GoodbyeFat.com $4,000 (purchased for $80)
RockinOn.com $9,888 (purchased for $7.50)
SalonTime.com $8,500 (purchased for $200)
EqualityHealth.com $30,000 (purchased for for $200)
ExecutiveAdvertising.com $25,000 (purchased for $1,800)

One thing to remember is that Mike Mann needs to sell about $2.5 million worth of domains per year to break even and that he is not a flipper. The average holding time for the 8 domains above is 6.5 years.  Mike almost made a $400,000 sale 2 weeks ago.

mikemann04 mikemann05 mikemann06 mikemann07 mikemann08 mikemann09 mikemann10 mikemann11


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Studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and now living in Athens, Greece. Love domains and building websites. Went online in 1995, learned about HTML in 1996 and about domains in 2002. Started publishing the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. taryn is Schilling’s outfit, why are they bidding on .com domains, if they consider them to be the AM dial, and GTLD’s are the future, I am confused?

  2. Domain Observer

    Eyephone? Apple may not be happy with this word.?

  3. Thank you Zournas. What a great read.

  4. Does he reach out to end users or wait for them to come, if he does reach out how does he find out who to target with names like these?

  5. I consider all 3 of his recent purchases risky.
    Mike always make great sales and most domainers wouldn’t ask those prices, let alone final selling price. Good to go through each of his sale.

    Thanks Konstantinos for sharing 🙂

  6. Great sales. But all 3 of those acquisitions look like legal trouble to me.

  7. With a large portfolio, and if you’re a known name in the industry, is not so difficult to achieve such sales, however congratulations to Mike.

  8. Ya gotta be in it to win it I would say

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