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Mike Mann repricing 150,000 .Com domains

Mike Mann talked on Facebook about his 150,000 .Com domain repricing project and the difficulties he is having.

“My 150,000 .Com domain repricing project is working sort of but not really. I buy new ones quicker than I can price old, so the list is getting longer not shorter. However sale prices are up, as a result of repricing, and volume is up, due to lowering some pricing.”

I have also noticed that he is buying a lot of domains in the past year or so he have acquired about 40,000 domain names. Mike Mann is the owner of DomainMarket.com that now offers more than 290,000 premium domain names for sale. You can actually download the complete list of domains here.

He also said:

Once I set prices on all the domains I will never need to manually appraise those again, can just raise prices of entire collection at once on a percentage basis, or lower it, based on perceived changes in market over time; the prices are as perfect as possible for this market today.

A few weeks back Mike said:

“In repricing 150,000 domain names the best ones are going way up, but most are going down; some are going way down like schools and churches and .org nonprofits, etc; I feel like I’m doing them a favor, but not really because they won’t buy the names at all unless they are dirt cheap.”

Mike also talked about domain name investment:

“Many millions of domains have been and keep being registered in a speculative manner, but as I have said hardly nothing new invented in the last 10 years has any value at all, and hardly anything without a .com at the end; even then only keep the very best ones because they are hard to sell and expensive to maintain; rest of them you need to delete instead of throwing good money after bad. Don’t shoot the messenger; do listen to the person who has done the most domain transactions, market maker.”

You can see here the latest report of Mike Mann sold domains.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Mike Mann is the real Domain King. great article KZ as always.

  2. Just recently I discovered a portfolio of close to 500,000 domains that I had never seen or heard of before. No one ever mentions it or has mentioned it as far as I’ve ever seen, and I’ve never seen any hint of it anywhere. When I ran a search on various terms I was interested in (you can get a list of all for sale), I discovered also that virtually every single domain that came up and every surrounding domain that I saw was among the most horrifically worthless domains I had ever seen. I wouldn’t even take them for free, let alone pay reg fee. Given this sampling, I’d be inclined to think the whole collection must be that way with only few exceptions. In fact, it seems I may have been able to acquire a few of the only few good domains in the whole batch, and not at retail either.

    My question is, even assuming a break on pricing, who in the world spends what must be millions of dollars a year on such a collection?

  3. Mike is right about deleting many names that are dead wait.

    But he is way wrong about nothing new in the last 10 years. Crypto industry has exploded, and strong Crypto names are in very high demand, and will continue to be so.

    Good luck to Mike, stand up guy, wish him well.

  4. so agree w most everything, but i do like, ok i ❤️ the emoji domains, even though new and even though in .ws, still color, mobile, millenials like them and they are already used globally .

    can also mix emoji and words realestate?ws

    still some quirks, not even sure my emoji are showing up here if owner hasnt updated his back-end, most have.

    its one website for the whole world, and emoji keyboards are already on ios in every nation and language, asia, china, europe, africa, everywhere.

    just $4.99 first year at godaddy,

    you type these in, they arent links and are coming soon windows 10, or your next android upgrade,

    are these slam dunk cant lose , nope. But mike’s statement about truly new reminded me of these recent .ws purchases ive made and like

    so i can be triplealien.com or i can be ???.ws or both

    best used as forwarded and shorteners for now

    thanks for the vina

  5. “hardly nothing new invented in the last 10 years has any value at all, and hardly anything without a .com at the end”

    I know he’s refering to dotcom vs the new gtld’s but that kind of narrow minded thinking misses the boat on crypto and other opportunities.

  6. Pay the Mann and move on.

  7. Konstantinos,

    Please write a new blog post to let us know when he finishes. I’d like to review what kind of changes he made, the biggest changes (price jumps), and what his new pricing looks like compared to before.

    Thanks for always keeping us up-to-date on this stuff!

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