Andrew Rosener has a 12% domain name sales turnaround every year

Andrew Rosener replied to a comment left by Mike Mann on Facebook revealing some details about his domain name investing business.

Mike Mann said:

“I took over the premium .Com industry again while everyone was sleeping & partying”

Andrew replied and said:

Quality over quantity. We sell around 12% of our inventory per year and turn a larger profit than you with only APX 4,000 names at a time. While you were focused on leftovers I ate your lunch

A 12% turnaround per year is huge for the domain name industry. That probably means that Andrew has a very good quality of domains or that he is very aggressively selling his domain names. Or both. 12% of 4,000 is 480 domain names per year.

I know that he has a quality portfolio and that he is reaching out to many companies to sell his domains. I also know that he auctions off (on Namejet among other places) most of the (lower quality?) domains that he has not managed to sell. So he is not waiting for the right buyer forever on all his domains.

Of course that is just one part of Andrew’s business. The other is the domain name brokerage.

Mike replied to Drew and said:

I had a noncompete, wrote books, built charities, and lot of other companies, not to mention dealing with personal issues. Better luck next life.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. what’s wrong with these guys ? mike argues with drew ..riick has a go at cyger ,etc
    everybody wants the be the best ….

  2. “I know that he has a quality portfolio and that he is reaching out to many companies to sell his domains”

    I didn’t think that Drew did outbound sales on his own names..? I’m sure he said that on Sherpa at some point… Could be wrong though.

  3. man, this industry is just filled with people who think that they’re far more important than they actually are.

    being good at sales is important, and, naturally, can be lucrative — but it doesn’t turn you into a ‘walking brand, who’s adored by millions’.

    You sell domain names. And even if you’ve gotten wealthy doing so, show some humility and stop thinking so much of yourself.

  4. James,

    I can’t speak completely for Drew but worked enough with him to know that he does outbound sales on clients names and minimal outbound on his own names unless there are some obvious potential users. The aggressive outbound are for his clients and select personal names. He has a pretty good outbound guy at Media Options but he doesn’t waste his time unless they are strong names. He’s not going to try and milk a turtle.

    As far as Mike. Mike has issues. It’s very obvious if you’ve read his writing over the last decade. His biggest obstacle is himself. For a man that has made millions he always seems to be having to borrow money. I realize borrowing is part of business but you don’t see a lot of the guys in our industry who have been successful having to do it. The guys that have had to didn’t finish real well.

  5. Quality over quantity. No pressure to liquidate quality domains to subsidize renewals of lower tier names.

  6. they’re both on top 🙂
    maybe Andrew will publish some books on sellling .

  7. Andrew/Drew and Pay the Mann are always going at it online. Ego vs Ego.

  8. Why is Mike Mann wasting any energy on Andrew Rossner anyways. Although Mann is a nutcase, he is way more successful than Rosser will ever be, not even close. Also, does anybody trust Andrew Rossner?

  9. Doesn’t media options sell many names on namejet? Higher turnover ?

    Who is media options, one man, or more?

  10. A 12% turnaround per year is huge for the domain name industry.


    Not if you are auctioning off names. When people talk about 1% selling ratios (and less) that is selling to endusers, waiting for them to come to you to get the best prices possible.

  11. is it time for namescon yet

  12. Gotta love a good cock-measuring competition between 2 titans.

  13. I don’t think there are many impressed with either. lol! These baby fights make them look worse. Can’t believe how childish some of these guys are. One minute they are ass kisser’s. Then the next minute they are fighting. How about some class guys? Trust me these guys will do nothing for you.

    To bad there aren’t some decent auction houses that give everyone equal exposure.

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