Flippa removes Escrow.com as a payout method

Flippa has decided to remove Escrow.com as an available payout method.

The company said that the reasons for this move are “improving the safety of transactions and reducing the transfer fees associated with Escrow on Flippa”. Back in 2014 Flippa had removed credit cards as a payment option.

New listings will no longer have the option to select Escrow.com as a payout method. However, you can use the other two options (Flippa Escrow and PayPal). You will need to update the available payout methods for your draft listing to Flippa Escrow and/or PayPal.

Flippa Escrow claims to be a fully licensed escrow service powered by Assembly Payments.

If your listing is live and if you have opted in for escrow.com, you can continue with your transaction.

What pay out methods are available on Flippa from now on?

  • Flippa Escrow – Flippa Escrow is an accredited Escrow provider powered by Assembly Payments. Payments can be done via credit card or wire transfer.
  • PayPal (Max. transaction of $10,000) – PayPal does not accept any payments over $10,000. Flippa recommends that you increase the safety of your transaction by using Flippa Escrow.

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  1. They should add payout option in bitcoin. Bitcoin and domains are perfect match Imo.

  2. I’ve never heard of any Escrow.com transactions not being safe, so the claim of “improving the safety of transactions…” (while retaining the option of PayPal where chargebacks can cause problems) is questionable.
    If you look at Andrew Walsh’s LinkedIn profile, it states that he is Chairman of Assembly Payments and also a Board Member of Flippa.
    Then, if you look at Flippa, Andrew Walsh is listed as an “Investor”. To be on the Board, you can assume his investment is significant.
    So there is a clear financial reason to exclude Escrow.com to the advantage of Assembly Payments.

  3. Domain Observer

    I am wondering if they provide the so called premium escrow service like what Sedo is doing. I hope so.

  4. No chargebacks possible when using bitcoin. Simple solution to this escrow/paypal chargeback problem. There is a company that provides bitcoin escrow as well. Times are a changing……

  5. Flippa,
    If you need a top notch, “globally licensed” escrow provider let’s talk. Best regards,


  6. Did not enjoy using flippa escrow, most sellers on there don’t take paypal, this will only hurt this platform more, if anyone was verified, it would be flippa buyers, and sellers.

    Most flippa domains are listed everywhere else also.

  7. Flippa is being so full of hooey. Everyone know the ONLY safe way to use paypal is to accept it via Escrow.com
    Escrow.com just WON awards for best in industry Ethics.
    If I were Jackson, I would be furious at Flippa trying to pretend they removed Escrow.com button as a safety issue.
    And when you really press Flippa, they admit that buyers and sellers can use ANY form of payment post sale. As long as the seller and buyer agree on it.
    Flippa is worse than your average DMV at this point.

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