Flippa Announces Flippa Escrow & Editors’ Choice

flippaFlippa announced today two updates which aim to make the Flippa experience safer and more secure (Flippa Escrow) and even faster to find the best opportunities to buy (Editors’ Choice):

1. Flippa Escrow (it’s FREE!) – every Flippa transaction is now completely secure via our free escrow service.

  • Transact with 100% confidence – a trusted vault secures your funds until both parties are satisfied
  • Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard and wire transfer, and payouts can be made to your nominated bank or PayPal account
  • Find out more about Flippa Escrow here.

2. Editors’ Choice – a curated marketplace experience, the best auctions, hand-selected just for you.

  • A carefully curated list of the best opportunities on Flippa, hand-selected by our experienced editorial team
  • Look for Editors’ Comments which feature the highlights and challenges we’ve identified for each business, there to assist you with your own due diligence
  • Just hit “Save this search” in the top right corner of the Editors’ Choice screen to receive email updates as new opportunities are added.

Currently featured in Editors’ Choice domain auctions are domains like hfo.com, tablets.org and piracy.info.

Browse the Editors’ Choice auctions for Websites here and Domains here.


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One comment

  1. Flippa actually launched Flippa Escrow (that is actually done through promisepay) earlier this year but they just didn’t announce it.
    It just appeared into Flippa listings.

    Originally Flippa FORCED every listing at Flippa to have option of Flippa escrow as payment method so their goal was to FORCE it on every listing and thereby entice everybody to use it because it was free for the buyer so they would buy themselves to the top so Flippa/PromisePay would become the biggest escrow company by a combination of leveraging Flippa’s reach and FORCING every listing to have Flippa escrow as option and by making it free for the buyer to get all the buyers paying through that.

    After I told Flippa/Promisepay repeatedly that FORCING people to use Flippa Escrow was a really bad business move they apparently agreed because I got an email from PromisePay that they agree and will stop FORCING Flippa escrow as an option for every Flippa transaction and now with this announcement they also announced that from now on people will be able to de-select Flippa escrow.

    I personally will NEVER use Flippa escrow as payment option because of the way they originally brought it out by FORCING people to use it as an option on their listings.

    The competition in the escrow space will heat up in 2015 that is for sure.

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