Flippa Updates Payment Methods: Credit Cards are no longer accepted

Flippa announced that they have made some changes to payment methods. Flippa says that these changes increase user protection while speeding up the post-auction transaction.

The supported payment methods on Flippa are now only Escrow via Escrow.com and Paypal. Flippa no longer supports asset payment via credit cards.

Sellers, it will now be compulsory to designate what payment method you accept  from a buyer when listing an auction. This will go a long way to speed up transactions and make the post-auction sales process as quick and as safe as possible. Payment details will immediately be handed to the buyer once the auction has finished. The supported payment methods on Flippa are Escrow via Escrow.com and Paypal, Flippa no longer supports asset payment via credit cards.


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  1. They are probably getting too many chargbacks, but when you pay via Escrow.com you are able to fund purchase with a credit card. Same for Paypal unless seller only accepts direct Paypal transfer. So how is it that Escrow.com protects themselves from chargebacks? Do they have some kind of agreement with the credit card companies?,

  2. You are able to fund purchase through credit card and paypal on escrow.com ….. however the limit is $5000, they charge premium fee for it, and I believe there is restriction on countries from where you can use them. I think the fee is worth it.
    I am not so sure what escrowhill.com takes.

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