Efty partners with Payoneer and offers free escrow transactions in April


Efty announced today that it has partnered with global payments company Payoneer to add secure, licensed and global domain name transactions to the Efty platform through its escrow services.

To celebrate the launch of this service on Efty, Payoneer is giving away free escrow transactions to Efty users for the entire month of April, 2017.

Lately, Efty has seen an increasing demand for alternative domain escrow services from their users. Efty users now have an option to either use Escrow.com or Payoneer Escrow as their default payment platform.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to set up Payoneer Escrow for your Efty account today.

Efty feels that “Payoneer’s world-class technology, seasoned team, and competitive pricing are the perfect partner to fill the gap and help us with our core mission to help our users sell more domain names without paying a dollar in commission. Payoneer’s global payment capability enables our sellers, who are based all around the world to receive payments quicker, in their local currency and at lower costs than with traditional payment methods.”

“Payoneer is a digital payments company that powers cross-border transactions to over 200 countries, in 150 local currencies. Thousands of major internet brands, like Airbnb and Google as well as millions of small business owners such as online sellers in China and service providers in India, rely on Payoneer to power their cross-border payments.”

“A deep integration with Payoneer’s escrow API enables you to place Buy It Now (BIN) buttons on your For-Sale landing pages and domain name marketplace, which will allow buyers to purchase their domain names with the help of the licensed and secure online escrow payment service. With it’s easy to use interface, Payoneer’s escrow service is one of the easiest and most secure ways for businesses to pay and get paid online.”

This is the Payoneer transaction fees:

Payment value Payoneer Escrow Fee
For payments up to $5,000 1.5% of the payment value
For payments between $5,000 and $50,000 $75 + 1% of the amount over $5,000
For payments between $50,000 and $500,000 $525 + 0.75% of the amount over $50,000
For payments between $500,000 and $1,000,000 $3,900 + 0.5% of the amount over $500,000
For payments over $1,000,000 $6,400 + 0.35% of the amount over $1,000,000

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One comment

  1. Efty Needs Stripe or some sort of cc integration. Pay pal or something.
    Let the seller deal with legality, but give us tools to price some names with cc or paypal.
    Since i am ok taking risk on domain that i sell for under 2k, and likely i wont get screwed over it.

    Right now efty still doesnt have good buy it now landing page. The efty customized page is not really curstomizable, aside from changing image. if i cant change any wording of fields on contact form or choose or unchoose those fields, how can it be called custom page?! what if i want to remove contact form and just have buy it no on that page…. i cant do it on custom page. Right now it really should be called, page where you can change one photo.

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