Payoneer is discontinuing its escrow business

Payoneer sent out an email notice stating “Payoneer is discontinuing our escrow business”.

Payoneer Escrow will have a “wind-down” period of 90 days. The service will no longer offered or supported as of October 18, 2018.

“As you may already be aware, we regret to inform you that Payoneer has decided to discontinue and wind-down its escrow services business and operations (“Escrow Business Services”), and will no longer support any customers with any transactions relating to the Escrow Business Services, including any maintenance and support issues.”

“We know the transition away from Payoneer Escrow may not be easy, but we are here to lend guidance and flexibility where possible.”

This comes as a shock to many people especially since Brandon Abbey, that had a lot of previous experience at, was a big part of their business.



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  1. What about these guys. I’m some of you must know them:

    “Although G&L has been providing domain name escrow for many years and will continue to do so by hand on custom and complicated domain name transactions (1031 domain exchanges, multi-party domain name swaps, three or more party financed transactions, etc.) the simpler escrow transactions have, as of late, gone to the larger and fully automated escrow houses.

    In an effort to compete and lower prices for such transactions G&L is now offering a more automated system at

    Included in the system is the ability to see all emails in and out of the system when not confidential, the ability to upload your base contract or to use contract templates provided for free as well as an affiliate system for those of you who would like to refer transactions to us.”

    • I see there is a 2015 testimonial on their site from Andrew Rosener accusing one of them of practicing cannibalism. :O 😀

  2. Asking about alternative, comment in moderation.

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