Sex.guru dropped and is available – Why?

The domain name sex.guru expired, was deleted and is now available to register. But why isn’t it taken yet?

.Guru domains were a few of the first New gTLDs that launched in early 2014 by Donuts.

(UPDATE) The domain was probably not originally registered when .guru domains launched in January/February 2014 because of name collisions. (I don’t have a DT subscription.)

Now the domain sex.guru has dropped and is available to register.

But why is it available and why Sex.guru did it drop?

Because it has a $1,000 per year non-sustainable registration/renewal fee.

At this rate it doesn’t make sense for a domain investor to purchase because the domain needs to be flipped before the 1st renewal to make some profit.

That is because no reasonable buyer will pay more than $2k or $3k to purchase a domain with a $1,000 per year renewal. Especially for a fanciful extension that like .guru.

Will anyone register this domain? I guess some ignorant domainer might jump in and wait for the lottery. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before!


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  1. Hammer. Head. Nail.

    Safe to say, such names will never be developed into sites. They will just exist as collectors’ items.

  2. gTLD’s are ALL [yes….ALL!!!!!] garbage. No organic pricing at introduction. Will ALL most likely die on the vine.

  3. Here is the thinking big end users, they will pay anything per year for a domain! WRONG!!!

    These IT departments are disgusted with large renewals for the most part, if you have a great domain with a crazy renewal, as stated above kiss your asking price goodbye.

    Good to see no newbie took this bait, you can rest assured any deal you have done, once they go do a transfer, and get a $1,000 bill, the deal will not conclude.

    Thanks, for bringing light to this subject

  4. I have had 2 deals unravel, that had an agreed sale price in the multiple thousands, when they saw renewal was $220 and $440.

    I’ve since not renewed a few domains with high renewals.

  5. Any pebble on the track is enough to derail negotiations. End users are just that jumpy. They’re reluctant to pay aftermarket prices in the first place.

    Mentioning a $1000 renewal fee will often be a deal-breaker. And not explaining that extra ongoing cost is ethically problematic.

    Sellers might get all the way to the point where the buyer wants to transfer the domain to their registrar of choice. Then they find out it’s an extra $1000. Nobody likes nasty surprises.

  6. When you consider that SEX.XYZ can be registered for $64,999 a year it makes the .guru look like a real bargain…

  7. .xyz killed itself with the 1 cent release, guys are trying to get $5 for their names now, makes it look like a flea market extension

  8. sex.guru was dropped first time only (!) It was in Donuts collision list and was released just last summer, July 8, 2015. Anyway 1000$ is too much…

    Same summer, in June 2015 I registered sex.life
    (only 108$ renewal)

  9. Junk names with an extortion-like renewal fee? … no, thanks … 😀

  10. sex.guru gone again… ) Good luck! will see… )

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