.Guru Lost 1,624 Domain Names Today

newgtldNameStats is showing that .guru lost 1,624 domain names today because of expiring domains that were removed from the zone file.

.Guru now has 76,689 domains after losing domains for 10 consecutive days.

.Guru last high was on the 26th of February when it had 80,274 domain names.

We are now after day 42 from the one year anniversary of the general availability of .Guru so I believe that in the next week we will see a lot more domains leave the zone file and enter the drop cycle.

.Guru was the first ‘generic’ New gTLD to launch and a lot of people bought domains just for fun or because a desirable keyword was available. And .Guru is what some people call a “vanity” or “novelty” extension.

Donuts does not agree but a few people believe that New gTLDs will take a big hit in the first year renewals. Donuts predicted a renewal rate of more than 80%.

Only 10% of all .Guru domains had been renewed, 1 month before the 1 year anniversary.

After the report I did I thought that a 50% renewal rate will a great result for .guru.

Here are the results of the “Are You Renewing Your New gTLD Domains?” poll that had over 500 votes.


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I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Konstantinos, please keep this subject up as its very interesting for many people to see what the renewal rate is across newTLDs.

    Thank you.

  2. I still don’t have any .guru domains… but i have Guru.click 🙂

  3. Konstantinos, as we’ve written, we believe overall renewals rates will remain strong as we continue through the renewal cycle for names registered in 2014, and we expect a significant number of dropped names to be picked up and re-registered by new parties. The cohorts we’ve analyzed demonstrate the staying power and utility of Donuts new gTLDs vs. new .COM names registered at the same time (which have a renewal rate at 50% or below). We’ll be publishing shortly an analysis on our blog that breaks this down further.

    • I wouldn’t expect a lot of pickups of dropped or expired domains especially with the problems that go daddy is having with new gtlds. And as I have said before you can’t compare newly registered new gtlds with newly registered .com.

    • Dropped names picked up and re-registered should not be counted as “overall renewals rates”. They are simply new registrations.

      Also there’s no way the overall renewals rates of the new gTLDs will be close to 80% and I’m confident most new gTLD renewals won’t match .com renewals by a long mile.

    • Your comment only tell people that you lost contact with reality.
      Do not worry you will see soon what we already see very clearly.

  4. so interesting .. lets see what happens next week .. thanks for sharing.

    the end result means nothing for ngTLDs. A lot of newbies (me as well) bought a lot of shit because all sounded nice 😀 so all the crap will leave the table now.

    never ever I thought about a city.tips a year ago .. but I would today 😉

  5. A lot of useful info could be extracted from studying the exact domains that dropped. Were they simply keywords that made no sense in conjunction with the gTLD?

    Unlike what Shane Cultra said in a recent “spotlight” session of me, I renewed 99% of my gTLDs. That’s 100% for the handful of .guru domains as well.

  6. “Were they simply keywords that made no sense in conjunction with the gTLD?”………….That is the key question…..

    “Unlike what Shane Cultra said in a recent “spotlight” session of me”………Did you expect anything more? The dude is a complete domain industry hack!… He is constantly disparaging domain industry companies, blogs, and readers. I am amazed that some companies advertise on his blog….Good for those that don’t advertise on his blog, his own words is evidence enough…OH yeah, before I forget, him as a Sherpa???? Really???? WTF

    • I can only speak for myself and my own portfolio. Shane isn’t a bad guy, everyone has their own opinion. He’s like my little brother, a rebel. 😀

      • “Shane isn’t a bad guy,”…..Please elaborate!?….It’s “Bully Awareness” month in pre school and I would suggest you help your brother before he is kicked out of school…..

    • I cannot stand Shane and his rubbish blog (obviously I do not read it any more)
      He is on the same level as a guy from domaingang.

  7. .Guru was cool when it first came out, as there was nothing else, now if I want I can make sense with over a dozen different GTLD’s, so for this reason .GURU was forced into many keyword categories it did not fit, and then when it comes to spending $9 on a renewal, compared to $25-$250 it is a different story, and thought process, much easier to say Good Bye.

    K is right many of these names will go the way of the dinosaurs, and never be seen again, that is alot of money to lose, once the contentions are settled, then these companies are going to have to figure out how to make REAL money. Otherwise keep spending on fancy parties, and salaries, and forget about the marketing, with the exception of a few obvious out there.

  8. .guru is going to get annihilated in renewal percentages.

    Some funny shit to watch is getting ready to happen.

  9. I think very interesting it will be to watch .xyz renewals.
    If regiter.com autorenewal is turn on on .xyz. domains it will be even more interesting to see.

  10. I am much more interested in the renewal rates for new gTLDs that are good keywords in and of themselves, such as .expert or .training, as well as those that represent yellow-page categories. I think that ones that are terrible keywords, like .buzz, and most of those that are adjectives, like .blue, will get slaughtered.

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