Shark Tank And The Importance Of Domain Names

I have been watching Shark Tank, the TV series on ABC, for the past 3 weeks. Never watched a single episode before that. I know, I know… How is this possible?

Well we don’t get Shark Tank here in Greece but I am a huge binge watcher so I have now watched the first 4 seasons in less than 3 weeks.

As I watch more episodes the importance of domain names is becoming more apparent.

Sharks like Robert Herjavec are asking people on Shark Tank if they own the corresponding domain names. He sure believes you need to use the best domain you can and that is why his website is located at

People looking for investments specifically state that they own the domain names so they can make their company seem stronger both in terms of marketing ability and in protecting their IP.

I also noticed that a product changed its name when the desired domain name was taken. (maybe it was some other reason as well)

Remixx became rekixx ( when the domain name of the product was not available. is owned by Future Media Architects, Inc. (owned by Thunayan Khalid al-Ghanim aka Elequa) and at that time (I think it was 2011) he was not selling any domain names at any price. This has changed in the past year or so though.

I still have seasons 5, 6 and 7 to watch so I bet I will hear more about domain names in the Shark Tank.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Ya, Shark tank is fun. I used to watch it quiet a bit. I didnt know it was still running! it must be its 10th season or so.

  2. It’s a bit overrated as it trivializes angel funding. The panel varies on occasion, which is good. A lot of good projects get no funding and others do, leaving you in a “WTF?” moment. 😀 Otherwise, entertaining.

  3. People don’t use their brains. I had the same problem and I did not want to spend thousands of $$ to purchase .com from the owner. What I did is this (I don’t want to reveal my real name)
    Let’s say my company name was Remixx and was registered so I registered and for extra $10 I registered On this site I included all my contact details, address with a map, video about my company and forwarding address to my main website where in more details I can explain what the company does, can take orders and payments.
    Simple and my total cost for all domains was $20

    • How does having 2 domains help? They should just keep the .tel or what ever new gtld they are using. And not do redirect, it has no seo value or branding value. If company cant get .com, get .io or .co those 2 are currently hot in tech field and for the fraction of the price. But not do and use .something for redirerect. Just pick domain and stick with it, when it comes do business, building out is much more important then since its hard to get. .io or .co will do just fine. I see a lot of that in NYC, tons of start ups are .io or .co simply because .com was not even an option.

      • It helps because I have Remixx as a main domain without paying thousands for
        I think .tel is very underrated and everyone should have one at least as a permanent business card with all contact information on it. If you change your phone number, location you can change it on your .tel business card in seconds
        Your customers will remember your name but will not remember your telephone number or your email address

    • .tel = crap.

      “abc” = crap.

  4. Yeah I don’t know anymore about this show. If it comes out that they are trying to take UDRP from it’s owner I would have to say reverse hijacking. But does anyone know who the complainant is?
    That is not cool if they succeed.

  5. Love that show.

    Re FMA, I’ve always wondered how was obtained. So far I’m the only one who I have seen who has acknowledged knowing the early history of that domain, that it’s original owner was offered both $8 million in cash and $30 million in stock for it and he turned it down. Wonder what FMA paid for it later.

  6. Often find myself watching reruns of “Shark Tank” and a few other shows while working on some of my more tedious work.

    Pretty rare to find a TV show these days featuring anybody with any expertise in any field whatsoever. (Reality TV often fetishizes the opposite … turning mediocrity into celebrity.) So I’m always curious to hear how the sharks – who know a thing or 2 – will criticize the business models put in front of them.

    • That is what I do too Joseph. Shark tank is playing on my second screen. I have learned a few things watching it which I can’t say for many TV shows. 🙂

      • I learn from it too. Stuff I’d never bother to read about.

        Nowadays, American documentaries – which used to feature experts – have been watered down to the point that they mainly feature Hollywood-style reenactments or CGI dinosaurs doing battle.

        But I’m pleasantly blown away by the quality of “Shark Tank” and a few other American shows.

  7. Shark Tank + The Apprentice = Make T.V. Great Again

  8. I was watching Shark Tank in Feb and saw a company called Float Baby with a product called Float Baby. I searched the company and found their website at I checked and it was available. I regged it on 2/13/16 and sold it on 6/3/16 for $1500.

  9. Shark Tank is great but Kevin O’Leary is a joke. He calls himself a disciplined investor but his Income Funds he runs are a joke. On the average they make 2% – 4% a year. If I made so little on my investments I would be a frequent visitor to a food bank

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