PotatoParcel.com – Website sold on Flippa to be featured on Shark Tank

A website called PotatoParcel.com, that was sold on Flippa last year, will be featured on ABC’s Shark Tank this Friday.

Potato Parcel is a quirky site where you can send anyone an anonymous (or not anonymous) message…on a potato.

potato-message_largeThe website named PotatoParcel.com sold on Flippa for $42,000 in September 2015. The website had been created just 4 months prior to that, in May 2015.

The creator claimed that $40K worth of potatoes had been sold at the time he listed the website for sale on August 2015 and “Over $19,000 in revenue and nearly 1,500 orders during the previous 30 days.”


The buyer gave an interview on Flippa after the purchase of the website saying he is a San Francisco State University (SFSU) graduate with a degree in finance. Although Potato Parcel was his first web acquisition on Flippa, he had been building and running web businesses for about 2.5 years, and I already owned a successful eCommerce site.

The new owner claims $215,000 of sales in the trailer of the episode to be aired this Friday. Somehow I don’t picture them getting a deal on the Shark Tank…


Shark Tank has shown great interest in websites and domain names in the past. Online sales are what the sharks are looking for first in a business. Shark Tank has displayed several times the importance of domain names.


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  1. Spam would be more fun if spammers had to send us engraved potatoes.

  2. Funny they got two offers and took one.

  3. I like the creativeness; but “PotatoHead” is more appealing?

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