Efty Launched 2 New Marketplace Themes To Help You Create Your Own Domain Shop

Efty launched two brand new marketplace themes which allows you to create your own custom domain shop in minutes.

With the new designs you can market your domain name portfolio using a custom domain and sell your domains from a professional looking and responsive marketplace without paying commissions.

The first two themes to hit the marketplace gallery are:

Borgen: www.thedomainstore.com          Sands: www.namerockstar.com

tumblr_inline_o8rjwtpSZQ1szufqr_500You could already use a custom domain, upload your own logo and write your own title and intro text but now you can also choose matching colors for the site’s text and navigation and pick a background from a fresh gallery of high-quality images. Thanks to a deep integration with the Escrow.com platform you can now also set a minimum offer amount and integrate BIN (buy it now) buttons. Any BIN prices or minimum offer amounts already appointed to your For-Sale landing pages will be synced automatically with your new marketplace.

Table or Tile: 

Sellers of brandable domains can showcase domains in both a table and tile view in the new themes, with the tile view allowing you to highlight domains with logos directly in the search results and on the homepage.


The new marketplace themes are only supported for users who have a custom domain set up for their Efty marketplace. If you already have a custom domain set up for your Efty marketplace then Efty has automatically moved you over to the new Borgen theme. Just login and click the Efty Market button in the top menu of the application to set your preferred theme, upload or change your logo, write your intro text, select a background, choose Tile or Table view and customize the colors of your site.

Each theme allows you to feature up to nine premium domains on the homepage (this was previously called “Pinned” domains and you could only select three of them). If you have not selected any premium domains yet Efty automatically shows the nine latest domains you’ve added to your account as premium domains. To feature a domain on the homepage of your marketplace, just search for the domain in your Efty account, click Edit and check the “Premium” box under the Marketing tab.

To track traffic and measure engagement on your new marketplace you can integrate Google Analytics tracking which Efty added last week.


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