Top 10 Domain Name Posts Of 2015

logo01-photo2015 was a great year for and a lot of posts got a lot of attention. In 2015 there were 678 posts and 270,000 views from 197 countries. These are the top posts in 2015 by number of views:

  1. I Have Spent $50,000 Buying New gTLD Domain Names
  2. Subject: Internet Domain
  3. The 13 Most Expensive & Developed New gTLD Domains Of 2014
  4. My Personal View On The Adam Dicker Issue
  5. Domain Name Bought For $70, Sold For $20,000
  6. Sedo Refuses To Help Me With My Legal Battle With Alibaba
  7. My Domain Name Purchases In 2014 (Part 2)
  8. Support Is Unpredictable
  9. Do You Want To Be A Domainer? You Need To Work Hard!
  10. Domain Names I Bought In The First Half Of 2015

And here are a few that didn’t make the top 10 but were some of my favorite posts:

  1. Donuts Domain Name Collision Releases Are Over – I Bought A Few – What Did You Get?
  2. “You are not the only one interested in this domain, as I’m sure you’re aware.”
  3. The Power Of Domain Names
  4. Sell Some Mediocre Domains So You Can Refuse Offers On The Good Ones
  5. A Few Of My Latest Domain Name Purchases

You can also take a look at the annual report that is quite interesting.


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