Top 10 Posts In December 2015: Mike Berkens & GoDaddy, .XYZ, Domain Prices, NamesCon,

logo01-photoDecember was another great month at in terms of views and visitors. Also more than 250 comments were made by readers. The most popular post was “You are not the only one interested in this domain, as I’m sure you’re aware.”. Here are the top 10 posts for December 2015 in terms of views:

  1. “You are not the only one interested in this domain, as I’m sure you’re aware.”
  2. Why Did Michael Berkens Keep Adult Domains & New gTLDs?
  3. Do You Want To Be A Domainer? You Need To Work Hard!
  4. Donuts: “Not-Coms End the Year On A High” (Infographic)
  5. 16 .XYZ Domain Names Sell For $379,376 At (,
  6. 8 Reasons Why A Domain Name Is Priced So Expensive
  7. Should You Make Bulk Domain Name Sales? The Hard & Sweet Truth…
  8. Report: Domain Secondary Market Prices Far From Collapsing, Transactions Still Dominated By .com
  9. An Interview With The “Domain Captain” On Chinese Domaining (video)
  10. GoDaddy Acquires 70,000 Worldwide Media, Inc. Domain Names (,

And a few good posts that most people missed probably because of bad timing:

  1. Ready For NamesCon 2016? Who Is Coming?
  2. Whois That Lets You Offer A Domain For Sale & Has Stats On Whois Lookups
  3. 10 Ways To Improve

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