My Latest Domain Name Purchases (The.Works, Net.Works, 3D.Movie)

gtldsHere are a few of the domain names I bought in the past 3 months.

I am not buying any LLLL domains because I am not following any of the trends. I own a few good and very good LLLL domains for many years now and I am now considering selling them. So I guess I DO follow the selling trends, not the buying ones.

This summer, Donuts released for registration 1.369 million previously reserved domain names in 144 gTLDs because of collisions. The company made these names available in batches each week between June and September. The domains were released using the Early Access Period (EAP) where registrants pay an extra fee to purchase, followed by general availability.

I was following closely these releases and bought what I think were good deals. Others might disagree. Most domain names I bought have a renewal price of $100 or less with 2-3 exceptions. (

But a couple of domains were bought in EAP day 3, meaning these costed more than $1,200 each.

Here are a few of the domain names I bought in August and September:

NET.WORKS (EAP day 3) ($500 renewal)

As you can see above I bought NET.WORKS. According to Sold.Domains the domain NET.WORK sold for $100,000.

I already sold 2 of the New gTLDs I bought but that is a different story…

If you are looking for the latest New gTLD domain name sales please visit Sold.Domains.

Here are a few of my previous domain name acquisitions spending over $50,000 buying New gTLDs and a few of the domains I bought in the first half of 2015. These are a few of my Domain Name Purchases in July and a few other New gTLD collision purchases.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. works for me 😀

  2. Some very nice ones. In particular

    Thanks for sharing.

    I assume the two you sold might be announced in “a different story…”

  3. .Works is a strong ngtld, cheap renewal fees but pretty widely used term and there lots of possible endusers who are using “”

    same reason why i got these:

  4. do you only buy new gtlds these days?

  5. There are few really good names here. Thanks for sharing.

  6. i sooooooooooooooooo do not get the new Gtlds
    To me these names are just confusing
    Would rather 1 – 5 solid .com’s
    Thats just me.
    good luck

  7. awesome names konsta keep it up
    you can see my new gtlds portfolio visit “”

  8. Your renewal rate is massive on these short, and generic keywords

    As a domainer, can you sustain those 3 figure renewals?

  9. Nice nuggets!……… AD.Works?…Adam Dicker?…Works?…..that’s an ironic exact match for the domaining community..

  10. That’s a lot of new purchases Kostas! You are becoming the Onassis of domaining, the new domain magnate 😀

  11. Great names you got especially Net.Works! Well done!
    I stop buying now, will buy more soon…check out my names at Billionaire.Property – some good some bad……

  12. Optimistic list, good luck!

  13. Interesting list-saw the $500 renewal fee-steep. We own It should be worth something in about 50 years-lol

  14. I wonder how long domain investors can continue to pour money into new TLDs without a meaningful aftermarket for them. While very short I.e. three and four character domains seem to be doing well I do not see a strengthening in aftermarket demand.

  15. Wow $500 renewal for, I am about to let Hd3d.Tv drop due to lack of interest, good luck

  16. That’s a strong list, Konstantinos.

    Given your background, it must feel good to own Computer.Engineering. Told any of your former professors or classmates? Don’t know if that’s your Happy.Place or if it’s strictly for resale …

    PR.Media looks like a winner. Ditto Price.Watch. was a smart buy in light of the sale. Clear Vision is an inevitable brand name; so Clear.Vision might get interest. The.Works is very strong, and I like some other .WORKS domains you’ve gathered too.

    Lots of good stuff I haven’t singled out. If the nTLD retail market picks up, then many of those domains you picked up should sell.

    • Thanks Joseph. I would like to see your list!

      • My strategy has been opposite to yours. I’ve backed off from full-priced nTLD purchases until I see more retail demand. That means I tend to avoid EAP buys, auctions, heavier renewal fees, etc.

        What I register now tends to be from among the leftovers and on sale. So I minimize my cost, but I do sacrifice quality – or, rather, I miss out on most of the very best items. By way of example, I flipped from $1 to $1492. No outreach.

        There are a few exceptions. Off.Market has a heavier renewal fee, but real estate can support that. Radio.Consulting also. I bought at auction … but for a negligible amount. Can’t remember the details on Chinese.Services. Altogether, I’ve experimented with nearly 3,000 nTLD domains. Even so, just last week I was accused of being some sort of anti-nTLD shill!

      • I bought a few cheap ones too but I try to choose the best. I have a few thousand mediocre domains in other extentions. 🙂 and are great. I like .services too.
        People think that I am anti-nTLD and pro-nTLD depending on what article they read.

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