A Few Of My Latest Domain Name Purchases

gtldsHere are a few of the domain names I bought lately.

Donuts has been releasing thousands of domain names during the summer that were initially reserved because of domain name collisions.

I have been following closely these releases and have been buying some good deals. Mainly domain name that have a renewal price of $100 or less. I am not buying any domain names that are priced higher that that. I have read almost all the New gTLD collision lists in the past 3 months.

Here are a few of the domain names I bought in July:barcelona.tips

And of course I bought SoldDomains.com for low 4-figures from a domain investor. He had it for years. It will be a great match for my Sold.Domains domain name. I bought it before I launched the website. SoldDomains.com now redirects to Sold.Domains.

If you are looking for the latest New gTLD domain name sales please visit Sold.Domains.

Have you bought any .expert, .guru, .watch or .tips domain names yourself?

Here are a few of my previous domain name acquisitions spending over $50,000 buying New gTLDs and a few of the domains I bought in the first half of 2015.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. Given that you’re buying nTLD domains, you’ve picked some good items from within that category.

    Price.watch and News.watch are the 2 I find most appealing – both good brand names for foreseeable projects.

  2. I think news.watch is an interesting keyword+gTLD ‘hack’ that’s obviously unrelated to watches.

    Registered some released by Donuts earlier this year but I’m pretty much done for now. I’ve spent less than $5k on gTLDs and I intend to keep it this way.

  3. Given sales of .Net and .TV this year (extensions which have existed for years) I cannot justify spending a dime on any new TLD.

  4. Hey,

    .expert is possibly just as misleading as .guru and could be used by sham accounts or users without the specialist knowledge required.

    Good luck though, I’m sure you will get some ‘experts’ interested.

  5. We own 10 of the “category killer” words in the .moe extension out of Japan. Re: Insurance CreditCards Diamonds etc but it’s a shame the extension (Registry) has seen pretty much no real promotion such as .me did so well. We’ll see what the future brings and if they’re worth anything.

  6. All 13 look like some nice picks.


    Friends, any thoughts on Communication.Media & TRANSIT.SITE


  8. great names. But you missed online.domains even though I tweeted you about availability during EAP 5

  9. The collision release over the summer was fun and intense at times, due to the competition and the high quality of the domains….. I was up for over 24 hours, using multiple tactics in an attempt to be the first to grab, REAL.ESTATE, the crown jewel of New G’s IMO, that domain was held back, for good reason…….The best I got over the “Summer of Collision” is HOME.SERVICES, which is an exact match for one of the largest industries world wide…

    • It was fun and it is not over yet! Real.estate is a big one worth 6 figures.
      Home.services is great. What is the renewal?

      • Unbelievably, it was a cheap renewal if I can remember, I believe it is $44 or something of the sort. There were some great keyword combinations within the collision list with low renewals…….Google or Amazon should have no problem paying that renewal….. 😉

  10. I didn’t get many, but I did buy blackjack.tips + mike.media (might be of use one day)

  11. Recent acquisition



  12. Great Names Konsta, Congrats and GOOD LUCK

  13. With more and more internet users accessing the internet via mobile devices these long extensions seem counter intuitive??? Any more than 3 characters to the right of the dot seems like the perfect storm for more traffic accidents, deaths, etc……. 🙂
    Also if you don’t have the .com version of your new whatever.whatever you are giving traffic away.

    • Why 3 characters and not 4? What if there are 15 characters to the lefte of the dot?

      • The more characters the more potential for an accident if driving or mistype.
        3 seems to be an easy amount to type without problems.
        The shorter the better that is why I think we are seeing some traction on .cc. It’s the easiest extension to type in the World.
        Good luck with the names, I just think the wait will be long and hard on most unless developed out. You better have the .com or we all know what will happen.
        It appears you are putting some insurance on the names in the form of purchasing the .com version. Smart.

      • I just saw a new gtld advertised with the www. in front ot the what.what
        What is easier to read. Which is more confusing. I think both will confuse and will result in bleed to .com

      • What I did see the other day was a real estate agent for remax in Toronto using a NNNNNN.com name and only the remax logo.
        First time I have seen a pure numeric .com used in a traditional sign ad.
        Times are a changin.

      • Too, remember .com comes as a “button” on a lot of smartphones. No need to type out .com
        Thats why I will stay with .com

  14. I registerd SUCKAGE.io to help reflect the .io brand! I know…. killer move for “truth in advertising” efforts for the indian ocean….and how utterly insane using that crap extension is!!!!!

  15. I just bought dofolo.com 🙂 It is a really old domain but back check was perfect. I have no idea why the original owner dropped it. I am happy though 😀

  16. I really like your sold.domains website great work.

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