Rolex buys 27 .watch New gTLD domain names for a total of about $19,000

Rolex bought 27 domain names on the 4th day of the Donuts Early Access Program (EAP) for the New gTLD .watch last week. Of course .watch would be top priority for a watch company such as Rolex. I am not sure if these are all names from Rolex watches.

Each domain had a price of about $700 as I am not sure what the EAP day 4 price is at (the registrar Rolex used) and if any of the domains were marked as premium by Donuts. Rolex paid about

$19,000 or more total for these 27 domains.

Here is the list of the 27 domain names that Rolex bought on the 3rd of May:

Rolex didn’t purchase the non-hyphenated versions of the 5 hyphenated domains from above. All are still available to register:

Sometimes these “brand protection” companies completely loose track of what is important to register and what’s not.

Rolex also bought the domain name at Sunrise. They also have a DPML block on the term “tudor” which prevents anyone without a trademark on the term “tudor” buying any New gTLD domain from the 200 to 300 Donuts strings. Interestingly enough they didn’t register/activate and that is maybe because they don’t intent on using any of these domains and are only buying them for brand protection.


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  1. About the cost of one decent Rolex watch, it is surprising how bad management is at some companies, nobody was going to register those names, and even if they did, they had recourse, as well as who would pay such a hefty annual fee other than the actual company.

  2. Another tranche of names bought by a marketing department with more money than sense and no idea what to do with them other than to nullify their potential effectiveness. I’d bet a Rolex none of them see real usage.

  3. If they merely put landing pages or redirects on all of those pages and sell one watch because of it, they have paid for the exercise. Give it 5 years before the heavy armchair quarterbacking guys. I think the management and marketing of Rolex has proved worthy of the benefit of the doubt.

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