Company that spent $25,080 for 2 .equipment domain names buys 7 more (cheaper this time)

On the 5th of February I wrote how a company from Michigan that offers Sample Prep Equipment and Supplies bought the domain names and for a total of $25,080 at Go Daddy. The domains were bought on the first day of the Donuts Early Access Program.

Immediately after my post the domains and were registered.

I also made a comment that the domain name was free to register. It turns out that the Company from Michigan bought the domain but this time they only spend $689.99.

They also bought for $1,239.99.

And they bought another 5 .equipment domain names for $689.99 each.

Their total spending spree was for about $30,500. I think they could have saved a lot of money waiting a couple of days before buying the first 2 domain names.

And here a fast look at what is available in .com:


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  1. is available


    Fools and their monies

  2. I do hope they’ve snapped up all the potential typo’s as well!


    I’m assuming the likes of, are worth even more than $25k each? They must get loads of type-in traffic! 😉

  3. Very interesting, we are know seeing companies spending more for a NewG when they could have registered the Com. Wow…It came sooner than I expected. Things are changing and nothing on the internet has ever stayed the same for long…..

  4. A company, not companies….

    There is more of a story about a company wasting money than anything else.

    The vast majority of the registrations so far are domainer related, not end user.

    Most of the new extensions have 3 and 4 figure number of registrations.
    They are clearly not taking over the world.


    • “A company, not companies”……………The company above makes one and my new venture company makes two. I am sure the two of our “companies” will not be alone……….New York never lost value as we continued West to make California…

    • Actually Brad, all 5 figure purchases have been made by end users.
      And I would say 99% of 4 figures purchases are from end users.

      At this moment only 7 new gTLDs have entered the general availability and all have 4 figure registrations with .guru have 5 figures.

      And I am not saying they are taking over the world…

  5. Both domains have now been registered by someone. LOL.


  6. Sorry but whoever bought these has bought [to use a Rick Schwartz term]…pigeon shit.
    And the fact that they didnt even buy the .com speaks volumes about their business acumen.

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