Apple buys 3 “Steve Jobs” .estate New gTLD domain names

Apple Inc. bought 3 New gTLD domain names with different variations of the name of late Apple founder Steve Jobs. The domain names were registered this Friday February 7th 2014 at Apple’s brand protection registrar: Corporation Service Company.

Apple registered 3 .estate domain names and paid upwards of $1000 for each domain name:

Apple used the Early Access Program (EAP) by Donuts, the .estate registry to buy these 3 domains and thus paid more than $1000 for each.

Apple hasn’t bought any other New gTLD domain names related to Steve Jobs but is has bought many other New gTLD domain names such as and Click here and here to see in detail what they have bought in the 10 days.

Apple’s memorial webpage for Steve Jobs is located at

Apple owns the domain name that currently doesn’t resolve to a website.

Apple has not registered any of the corresponding New gTLDs in .com:


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  1. Hello bro. I bought and . Does it wort any money? I think I have a shot at this cause steve jobs was a science guy. What do you think???

  2. Sir, One question caught me, How’s is different from ??

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