Google & Apple Buy 45+ .Cars, .Car & .Auto Domain Names (SelfDriving .cars, Alphabet .car, Apple .car)

cars-auto-carSunrise for .cars, .car and .auto ended a few days back and a few of the biggest companies in the world bought domain names.

The domains were not necessarily bought by car manufacturers (Open, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, BMW, Maybach, Volvo) but also companies like Apple and Google bought some .cars, .car and .auto domain names.

Apple bought 6 domain names:

But Google bought at least 39 .cars, .car and .auto. And I am saying “at least” because not all of these domain name have nameservers and do not appear in the zone files.

Here is the list of the google domain names: (I have highlighted some interesting ones)

.cars, .car and .auto sunrise prices were at about $3,000 for each domain name. But I am not sure that these domain name above were all sunrise registrations or part of a registry deal to sell these domains to Google. I will have to check if all these domains are trademarks registered by Google. Donuts has done similar deals in the past. And I am sure thereba lot more “hiding” without nameservers.

You can search for all 221 registered sunrise (trademark) domain names in .cars, .car and .auto at Sold.Domains. Just go to Sold.Domains click on “Search Sunrise” and enter your search term.


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  1. It looks like Google is re-branding some of it’s companies to fit the “Alphabet” theme…Google X is now just, “X”. New name and new logo!…I had wondered why all of a sudden I got some inquiries on the domain, X.Technology…

  2. GoogleAuto.Club They missed that juggernaut!!! The new towing service coming fall 2016

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