.Cars, .Car & .Auto EAP Starts Today – Prices Start At $45,000 Wholesale

cars-auto-carCars Registry, a joint venture between XYZ and Uniregistry, today announced the first opportunity for the general public to register some of the best domain names ending in .Cars, .Car, and .Auto. This Early Access Period (EAP) kicks off today at 7:00 AM PT, with short, geographic, and keyword domains such as 1.Car, Detroit.Auto, and Compact.Cars expected by the registry to be registered early.

Running from January 12-20, the EAP gives dealerships, manufacturers, and other businesses the opportunity to secure their ideal .Cars, .Car, and .Auto web addresses for a one-time premium fee before access broadens on January 20.

The EAP prices will start at $45,000 and will reach $5,000 on the 9th day of the EAP. These prices are wholesale prices from the registry to the registrars. Actual prices depend on the registrar.

Renewals are going to retail at about $2,500 per year.

Because this period is open to the general public, names can be secured at hundreds of authorized retailers, such as GoDaddy.Cars and NetworkSolutions.Cars, without restriction or pre-qualification.

The EAP immediately follows a very successful trademark-only period, which featured hundreds of automotive industry registrations, including Mercedes.Cars, Toyota.Cars, Honda.Auto, Mini.Cars, Smart.Car, Mitsubishi.Auto, and Bentley.Auto. Other registrations – such as Michelin.Auto, BFGoodrich.Auto, Brose.Cars, Ally.Auto, and StateFarm.Cars – also were secured by companies working with the automotive industry. Even industry newcomers registered names, including Apple.Car, GoogleSelfDriving.Cars, and X.Auto.

You can search for all registered sunrise (trademark) domain names in .cars, .car and .auto at Sold.Domains. Just go to Sold.Domains click on “Search Sunrise” and enter your search term.

“The number of manufacturers, suppliers, and Fortune 100 companies that have already adopted these automotive-specific domains is a testament to the industry’s embrace of the future of automotive marketing,” said Mike Ambrose, COO of Cars Registry. “.Cars, .Car, and .Auto allow businesses to become automotive authorities while upgrading their old, clunky URLs.”

“The 8-day EAP window is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for dealerships to stake their claims to the Internet’s most valuable real estate and stand out from their competitors,” said Frank Schilling, Co-founder of Cars Registry. “Domains that were impossible to get in the past – like LA.Cars, TX.Car, and NYC.Auto – are now available to the dealership that places its order first.”

About Cars Registry Limited
Cars Registry Limited is the registry operator for .Cars, .Car, and .Auto. Founded in 2015 by domain industry leaders XYZ and Uniregistry, the company provides Internet naming options for the automotive industry. From car dealerships to car enthusiasts, Cars Registry Limited allows anyone, worldwide, to secure memorable and relevant domains.


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