The Movie Self/less Is Using A New gTLD Domain For Promotion: Outlive.Life

self-lessA new movie is again using a New gTLD domain name as a promotion tool.

A few days back it was announced that Hunger Games is using the domain name TheHungerGames.Movie to promote the latest installment of the franchise.

This time the movie Self/less, starring Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley, is using (once again) a Donuts New gTLD domain name: Outlive.Life.

The domain name Outlive.Life is redirecting the the movie’s Tumblr page:

The domain name was registered on the 4th of November 2014. That is more than 7 months ago.

Self/less is coming out this July in theaters in the United States.

The New gTLD domain name is being promoted in the official trailer and in the channel of Focus Features that is the production company of the movie.

On a tweet sent by Paul Stahura, CEO and Co-Founder of Donuts Inc., it was mentioned that the movie’s promotional campaign had a cost of $1M just on its first day.

You can watch the official Self/less trailer here:


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  1. Headline:

    “New gTLD’s Hit The Big Screen As The Official Site For The New Ryan Reynolds Movie Self/Less”

    APRIL 22, 2015

    These things happen.


    200$ for each movie domain.
    looks like Donuts is not searching for trash on this extension. like the idea.

  3. New gTLD awareness has skyrocketed over the past six months. It feels like every day a different big company transitions away from its .com or launches a marketing campaign using a new gTLD.

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