GodsOfEgypt.MOVIE Is The 1st New Domain In A Super Bowl Ad (GodsOfEgyptMovie.com Is Parked)

During yesterday’s Super Bowl coverage, a trailer for the upcoming film Gods of Egypt aired that directed viewers to the domain name GodsOfEgypt.MOVIE. This was a first time that a New TLD domain name was used in a Super Bowl advertisement. (see the trailer below)


But what about the corresponding .com domains of the movie?

The domain name godsofegypt.com is for sale at BuyDomains.com and was registered back in 2001.

The domain name godsofegyptmovie.com was originally registered in 2013 and it then expired and is now owned by a law firm that is probably(or not?) connected to the movie studio since March 2015. The domain is up for renewal in a few days.

The domain was probably caught by the law firm using Snapnames and is currently parked using the default Snapnames nameservers.

Somehow HugeDomains.com pops up when you do a google search for the domain.

The Gods of Egypt Trailer:

Donuts wrote a blog post on .MOVIEs Super Bowl appearance:

Super Bowl Serves As Not-Com Coming-Out Party

Last night, millions of viewers tuned in as Peyton Manning propelled the Denver Broncos to a victory in Super Bowl 50. While the NFL’s best duked it out on the field, the not-com movement hit a milestone in the Super Bowl advertising game.

The Super Bowl isn’t just the championship for the NFL, it is the biggest night of the year for advertisers and marketers. From Clydesdales and puppies, to talking frogs to Mean Joe Greene, the Super Bowl represents a dream opportunity. Companies pay as much as $5 million for a 30-second ad, and the exposure is often worth every penny. The giant platform has catapulted brands to new levels of awareness and emblazoned them in our memory even regardless of the company’s success – think singing sock puppet.

Last night, the magic moment was seized by not-coms as they made their debut on the world’s biggest stage with the movie trailer for Gods of Egypt. The commercial directed viewers to the web address: GodsOfEgypt.MOVIE

Gods of Egypt won’t hit theatres until later this year, but it’s already left a significant footprint in the world of digital branding. While other films have heavily marketed around the extension – TheHungerGames.MOVIE, DirtyGrandpa.MOVIE and Freeheld.Movie, to name a few – yesterday showed how a popular not-com can go from launch to Super Bowl in just seven months.

The announcement is exciting, but hardly surprising considering the growth trajectory of not-com naming options. Monthly registration rates have more than tripled since this time last year, and total not-com registrations are now over 12 million.

For the not-com movement, a Super Bowl appearance is perhaps the ultimate sign that a tipping point has been reached. This clearly is a turning point in usage, awareness, and of course, value. With elite brands such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Sony, Barclays, General Motors, Lionsgate, Marriott, McDonald’s and Taco Bell all having put not-coms to use in the past year, any question of demand for specific, meaningful domain extensions has been put to rest.

As not-coms gear up for their third year of availability, Sunday night showed they are ready to compete in the big game.


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  1. King Leonidas meets The Mummy meets the Hobbit 😀

  2. Anyone want to buy capitalofegypt.com? I need new clothes; my old ones don’t fit much any more.

  3. Finally a domain headline without ‘China’ in it…… 🙂

  4. We’ll probably see a lot of movies released on nTLDs like .MOVIE alongside others using .COM. But this will be one of the few notable areas that sees rapid and long-term nTLD adoption.

    Films are marketed heavily but only for a short period of time. Given its short-term publicity cycle, Hollywood has shown a real reluctance to spend money on domains for movie releases. Hyphens, extra words, odd TLDs – they’ve already used whatever workaround was cheap and handy. .MOVIE is another cleaner option for them. And it only takes a few studio execs to get into the habit. The mainstream film industry adopts new cliches quickly and ubiquitously. So they’ll put this nTLD to work in short order.

    Domainers who’ve pursued film titles in .COM have almost always been barking up the wrong tree. And that’s even truer now than before. So don’t go gobbling up film titles in .MOVIE, folks! The TLD will succeed but probably not in the hands of resellers targeting particular movies. Movie marketing materials (including domains) are regarded as throwaway material. Typically they become valuable only after the film has run its course. That’s when movie domains sell big – when Hollywood discards them, back links and all!

    I think I’m already on record as saying this stuff (not that any of you care). But in case not, that’s one more time-stamped opinion to fend off future accusations by hobgoblins and trolls.

    • Agreed.
      I only own one .movie: 3d.movie.

      I had datemovie.com back in 2006 when Date Movie came out. I was not targeting the movie, I had it for 3 years.
      The domain earned $50 on the day the movie came out, then $20, $10, $5, $2, $1…
      It is not worth pursuing this kind of names.
      As you said the studios will not buy the domains. I bet godsofegypt.com wouldn’t cost more than $4000 a few months back.

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