A Quick Guide To NamesCon (Including The Auction List)- Monday, January 11th 2016

The main Exhibit Hall opens to delegates today Monday, January 11th. Exhibit Hall hours are from 10am-6pm daily from Monday through Wednesday.

You can find the NamesCon agenda here at http://namescon.com/agenda/

NamesCon is using sched.org to help keep it all organized for you. Use the sched.org system to remind you of sessions and plan out your conference. Log in with the e-mail address that you used to register for NamesCon. VIEW SCHEDULE.

Here is what is happening today:

Jothan Frakes will welcome you to NamesCon at 9.45.

There is the Frank Schilling keynote address at 11.45.

There is the Right of the Dot / NameJet auction on Monday from 2-7pm. (For more details on the auction and the complete auction list please see below.)

Uniregistry presents the After Hours Party @Hakkasan at 9.30pm.

hakkasan2bRight of the Dot / NameJet auction on Monday from 2-7pm.
Over $6.8 Million dollars of pre-bids have been placed on the 425 domain names in the auction on NameJet so far. Of those 425 domain names, 132 were selected to be in the live auction with No Reserve domains like Katie.com, SouthAmerica.com, OAH.com, BEF.com, Erotica.com and many more premium domain names like FW.com, AT.com, BY.com, Wi.com, Genetics.com, Smart.watch, Sub.com, Supplies.com, GameOnline.com, 281.com, Web.hosting.

Live Auction Details

RightOfTheDot will conduct the live auction on Monday, January 11, 2016 at 2:00 PM Pacific Time at the NamesCon conference, at the New Tropicana Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.


1.) In-person bidding, please register at Network Lane at the ROTD table Sunday or the auction table in the exhibit area on Monday morning, January 11, 2016, to receive a bidding paddle. You may also register just prior to entering the room prior to the start of the auction. You must have a bidders paddle to bid in person!

2.) Online bidding is NOT taking place on NameJet for the live auction. If you are planning to bid online during the live auction, you must register here. Once registered, the auction will take place here where you will place your bids. If you already have a pre-bid / proxy bid in place via NameJet, those bids still stand and will be transferred over to the live auction software.

Extended Auction

Following the live auction, the online auction will be extended on the NameJet website for an additional 10 days and will close completely on January 21, 2016. This extended auction will include the domain names not selected for live auction and for any domains in the live auction that do not hit reserve. Once a domain sells in the live auction, it is sold and will not go into the extended auction!

The direct link for the extended auction is here.

Here is the live auction list and auction order for the live auction on Monday Jan 11th at 2 PM, PST:

funtimes.com 10
lasvegas.online 20
multilevel.com 30
nannycams.com 40
98.tv 50
i.link 60
strip.club 70
viral.video 80
qgi.com 90
externaldrives.com 100
southamerica.com 110
glowsticks.com 120
380.com 130
e.flowers 140
cheaplaptops.com 150
ius.com 160
bosses.com 170
degree.com 180
worse.com 190
sef.com 200
erotica.com 210
artlessons.com 220
auctions.com 230
rrcx.com 240
katie.com 250
fw.com 260
lgff.com 270
space.club 280
fastdelivery.com 290
freshfood.com 300
water.ski 310
180.xyz 320
genetics.com 330
we.help 340
at.com 350
penis.com 360
lawn.com 370
beachfront.property 380
lodges.com 390
bef.com 400
281.com 410
e.help 420
smart.watch 430
pot.club 440
oah.com 450
by.com 460
tuscany.com 470
athletic.club 480
housingloans.com 490
hd.tv 500
egf.com 510
web.hosting 520
652.com 530
mlbb.com 540
88.xyz 550
degrees.com 560
night.club 570
pete.com 580
metrocard.com 590
landlords.com 600
housewives.com 610
397.com 620
stock.photo 630
consignment.com 640
i.ski 650
wi.com 660
electric.guitars 670
toytrucks.com 680
imk.com 690
septictank.com 700
doctorlove.com 710
buy.cars 720
airline.com 730
787.org 740
seventies.com 750
i.click 760
jet.ski 770
opx.com 780
gameonline.com 790
illness.com 800
ccjp.com 810
trailertrash.com 820
breakfast.club 830
wedding.gift 840
bdd.com 850
spew.com 860
labs.com 870
noja.com 880
feel.me 890
thequeen.com 900
vintage.auto 910
vmb.com 920
xgrs.com 930
ned.com 940
investment.property 950
reception.com 960
worldgames.com 970
i.rent 980
eqz.com 990
pxff.com 1000
e.gift 1010
yzo.com 1020
evileye.com 1030
nachos.com 1040
boobs.net 1050
cccf.com 1060
wrappers.com 1070
pregnant.com 1080
too.sexy 1090
healthyfood.com 1100
convict.com 1110
furnished.com 1120
jdzl.com 1130
cmas.com 1140
future.tech 1150
saae.com 1160
running.club 1170
b.sexy 1180
text.com 1190
dessertwine.com 1200
coolant.com 1210
zsmt.com 1220
row.com 1230
8.link 1240
won.com 1250
cmfr.com 1260
loans.online 1270
ngrt.com 1280
sub.com 1290
closetorganizer.com 1300

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