.PRO Becomes Unrestricted On November 16, 2015

proBeginning on November 16, 2015, the .PRO domain name will become unrestricted, open to all registrants.

Since its launch in 2002, .PRO eligibility has been restricted to only certain specified professions, and registrars have been required to implement special procedures in order to register .PRO names. These restrictions and procedures will be eliminated on November 16.

Renewals and transfers will be handled according to the revised policies beginning on the date noted above.

.PRO registration requests no longer need to include the supplemental data such as profession, authority name, authority URL, and license number which was previously required. The change applies to all the third level .PRO TLDs as well. (.med, .law, etc.)

The change in eligibility will open .PRO to ALL registrants. .PRO will now include businesses, service providers and individuals who consider themselves to be a “PRO”.


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  1. I see short names – LLL/NNN – are restricted?…

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