Namejet Lowers The Minimum Bid For Pending Delete Domains To $39 For A Limited (?) Time


For a limited time, NameJet is lowering the minimum bid for Pending Delete (Dropping) Domain Names to $39.

It seems that the fierce competition from DropCatch and Pheenix is driving drop prices down and Namejet wants to test the waters.

By lowering this price, we are providing our customers with a great opportunity to catch some fantastic names at a bargain. Combine this with the fact that we have masked the backorder information for domains with less than 3 backorders, our customers now have a chance to find some hidden gems in the drop and get them for a great price!

This change is live on the NameJet website now and will be effective for domains dropping as early as tomorrow, Oct. 15, 2015. For clarification, existing bids will not be lowered, but all new backorders on Pending Delete domains may be placed with a $39 minimum bid which will be accepted for all domains in the drop until otherwise notified. How long they will run this promotion is undetermined. It all depends on the results they will get.


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  1. Their customer service has not been on par for years, now drop and phen are taking big dollars away from them, the bottom line is hurting…

    $39 tease compared to what $15… Keep going

  2. Nice to see the price drop, I think others will follow with similar deals to keep the competition between the aftermarket sites fierce.

  3. Nice to hear – seen plenty of names I had a tough time taking a chance on at $59-$69 that are easier to take a chance on at $39…

    That said, raise your hand if you’re *actually* catching *quality* names at $15. It seems a brass ring too far out of my reach.

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