Flippa Lowers Domain Catalog Fees From 15% To 10% With A $0 Minimum

flippaLast month Flippa introduced the domain catalog and became a full-blown domain name marketplace. Following a lot of feedback from Flippa sellers the sale success fee has been lowered to 10% commission with no minimum with a $10 minimum.

Other marketplaces are charging a 15% or more commission on successful sales so this is a pretty competitive price structure. The catalog now has 43,812 domain names.

Effective immediately, the Flippa Domain Catalog fee structure has been revised:

  • the OLD fee structure for selling a domain in Flippa’s Domain Catalog was a 15% Success Fee, with a $60 minimum;
  • the NEW fee structure is now a 10% Success Fee, with a $10 minimum (congruent with the auction marketplace’s fee structure).

Flippa’s Domains Catalog is a brand new section of the marketplace, entirely different from the auction listings that all Flippa users can list their domains for sale but without an initial fee and without the domains listed as auctions. In the Catalog, domains are listed exclusively as ‘Best Offer’ or ‘Buy It Now’.

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  1. Things could get interesting at Flippa as SEDO charges a minimum $50 commission and Godaddy Premium Listings can be 30%.

  2. And that was somewhat interesting to me. Until I wrote to ask how to manage those domains. Say I list something today in the catalog. End up selling it elsewhere or letting it go, there is no way to delete the listing. I wrote support and their reply was no big deal, just ignore the offer or reject it. I don’t like to get offers on names I don’t own anymore. Or let expire. Seems like it will be filling the a catalog with names that may or may not be owned by the person who listed them.

    • Thanks for letting us know.
      This needs fixing by Flippa. ASAP.

      • Hi Teri,

        In our domain catalog you’re able to remove a domain listing at any time.

        I checked with support – to clarify your issue – when a domain or website is listed as an auction and unsold it remains on our website with the ability for buyers to submit an offer. At this stage, as you experienced, you’re unable to remove an unsold auction.

        We are working on providing sellers with the ability to remove an auction, along with automating this process when websites change hands.

        Thanks for the feedback.


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