Jeff Sass: “Have New Domains Had Our Twerking Moment?”

jeff-sass-dot-clubJeff Sass, Chief Marketing Officer of .CLUB Domains, wrote an article on CircleID called “Have New Domains Had Our Twerking Moment?”.

After Google’s announcement about its new holding company, Alphabet, using the domain name there have been a lot of buzz.

From .NYC to .London to .Tokyo the “new Google” story is making .news everywhere, as the .media large and small speculates on what it means for the .online and .tech industries, and beyond.

Jeff then talks about the XYZ registry and its sudden luck:

One .company in particular is having a .party thanks to their sudden .link to Google’s surprising announcement, the domain name registry .xyz. By choosing and using as the web address for the .website with the Alphabet announcement, .Google showed the world that it can be .cool to use a domain name that has some meaning on both sides of the “dot.” As a representation of the “alphabet,” makes perfect sense. It’s short, easy to remember and relevant.


Is Google’s spelling move with our twerking moment? It is too soon to tell for sure, but it certainly has gotten the conversation going around new domains amongst a larger, more mainstream audience than were talking about them before, and that’s a good thing for everyone with an interest in the new domain extensions.

Read the complete article here.


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  1. Everybody is saying bullshits that Google (Alphabet) use .XYZ domain as their new home. I see ONE PAGE, to be more specific just an ANNOUNCEMENT, nothing like new home. People are overreacting.

    The only lesson I get is that people are even more stupid than I thought they are. Including many reporters. And those dumboes who register google/alphabet related .xyz make it even worse, hurting the domain investor industry.

    • Mike, thanks for the comment. I was pretty specific on that “…using as the web address for the .website with the Alphabet announcement.” Not necessarily a new home. That said, it is undeniable that there has been a renewed discussion about new domains prompted by Google’s actions. Articles in Wired… pieces on Bloomberg… Certainly the availability of .xyz and other new extensions has been exposed now to some folks who may not have been aware before.

  2. Is that a typo? I think you meant to say Jerking moment

  3. Negari twerking? Cannot be unseen. 😛

  4. … playing & replaying like a horrific GIF.

  5. No consumer has visited ABC.XYZ , they still have no idea what .XYZ is. All the hype is on news websites that consumers never visit.

  6. No. When watching CNN they don’t talk about they just talk about the name change to Alphabet , the Stocks, and the reason why. If they ever mention it flies over the consumers head , because they really don’t care. Why would they care??? It has zero effect to them, they just want to use Google Search. When you go out to lunch today ask your waitress if she heard of , she’ll have zero idea what you are talking about.

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