50inda.com was registered today and 50centindaclub.com is parked

.Club launched the new 50 Cent website at 50inda.club but here is what the .club registry did and what they missed in domain names:

They need to redirect all these domains to 50inda.club:
inda.club (reserved and not resolving, this is the best domain that needs to be redirected)
50centinda.club (registered by .club and redirected to 50inda.club)
50cent.club (registered by .club and redirected to 50inda.club)

They should register and forward the corresponding .coms. I know that they are promoting .club but redirecting the .coms to .club would help these confused visitors:
50centindaclub.com (registered by .club and parked!)
50indaclub.com (registered by someone 12 days after the .com above and on the day that the .club/50cent partnership was announced and is now parked)
indaclub.com (registered in 2003)
50centclub.com (free) (registered today and parked at Sedo)
50inda.com (free when I was writing this post yesterday and before I posted the 50inda.com video, it was registered today and it behind privacy but redirects to 50inda.club)

And here a few more:
fiftycentinda.club (free)
fiftycent.club (registered by .club and redirected to 50inda.club)
fiftyindaclub.com (free)
fiftycentclub.com (free)
fiftyinda.com (free)


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  1. I think they paid 50 in stock, so really it’s going to 0, that’s why he was so laid back, wasn’t stacks of cash like team money.

    Even on twitter he says go to .com to buy his cd, he made no mention of .club

    These guys are drinking their investor dollars away, I think also someone is registering a lot of .clubs privately to get it to number 2 gtld for more public relations hype.

  2. indaklub.com is available for reg 🙂

    I have own “TLD” – KLUB 🙂

    KLUB.me – Make me an offer!

  3. fiftyinda.club is also still free

  4. If their .coms pick up more traffic then .club, it will be a major embarrassment
    for the .club registry.

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