All 4-Number .Club Domains Get Registered By Chinese Registrants And Are Parked

club-new-gtldColin Campbell, Chairman and Founder of .Club Domains, announced yesterday that all 4 number .club domain names were registered:

“SOLD! All 4 number .CLUB names sell out today just before 3 number 3 number Sedo auction”.

Sedo is auctioning 37 3-letter .club domain names.

There are still some premium 4-number .club domain names that are reserved by the .club registry and are for still for sale but not at the normal registration fee.


I checked the zone files today and more than 4,000 4-number .club domain names were registered yesterday.

All are under whois privacy but it is almost certain that the domain names were registered by Chinese registrants.

They bought every domain name available including domains that include the number 4 such as:

The domains are parked at a Chinese parking company is a parking company who focuses on Chinese traffic monetization. They claim: “We have built long partnership with premium advertisers in China. It will bring the best monetization performance for your Chinese traffic.”

Here is how the parking page looks like:



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  1. Sorry, this sounds like classic pump, and dump, why not do it with .market, .solutions .today .link .repair etc… are you going to have a

    Whose going to be left holding the bag?

    • China is obsessed with short domains. So if they’re going to buy anything at all, it will be short TLDs.

      .CLUB fits the bill, I suppose – just as .CC has done and .TOP and others seem to be doing. .SOLUTIONS, .TODAY, and .MARKET would be unappealing to Chinese buyers, I imagine, simply because of their length: 2-3 syllables, 6-9 letters.

      Mandarin Chinese has a lot of single-syllable terms, from what I can tell. Chinese speakers can probably cope with monosyllabic English words if they’re basic enough and positive in meaning. That seems to be the rationale for .TOP. Might apply to .CLUB as well.

      Possibly a pump and dump. Don’t know how it will pan out, personally. But I do know that China likes its domains (including its TLDs) short.

  2. I think chinese use English word club. Hence, .club could be more appealing to them.

  3. In the end keyword domain owners will be be the big winners, why? Because a domain name value is only based in whether is product/service keyword, rare, short, acronym, quantitatively limited and searched in considerable volume . The surge in domain registration that we are seeing now is nothing but hype, bubble and will surely be over, maybe in 2 years,maybe in4 years. And when the hype is over things will go back to normal. However, owners of keyword, short, rare and quantitatively limited domain names will have a lot to gain after the hype is over., and why? Because by the time the hype is over many people will already have entered or tried the domain name business/investment and will have realized that the value of a domain is based on the parameters I above mentioned, so the domain market and price for this type of domain names will increase exponentially .

  4. For the most part, everything we have seen in the last few months and even in the last few weeks/days has been a surprise to all of us at .CLUB. We never anticipated that 3 character numbers would have such a value until they started selling for $500 -$1500 on SnapNames dropping auction. Even 3 character letters have been getting a lot of attention now in China. The registry only held back a fraction of the 3 character numbers and letters letting most go on the first day and beyond.

    We have been inundated in the last few days with requests from buyers in China asking to sell them portfolio’s of 2, and 3 character names. All they want are names that are very limited in supply. There are only 10 numbers, 26 letters and 676 2 letters, 99 numbers, 999 3 numbers (assuming I did the math right, but wasn’t in the in school).

    CLUB is everywhere you go in China. They all understand what it means.

  5. .link and .click are the best ones imo – but I concede I’m biased

  6. I am very suprised at .CLUB there are actually a ton of sites that are getting traffic on the .CLUB extension

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