Over 10,000 5-Number .Club Domain Names Got Registered Yesterday

club-new-gtldColin Campbell, Chairman and Founder of .Club Domains, just announced on Twitter that over 10,000 5-number .club domain names were registered yesterday.

Domains such as 19998.club, 21112.club, 21113.club, 71255.club and 99769.club were registered.

Today’s news came after all 4-Number .Club domains were registered by Chinese registrants last week. All domains are now parked.

Sedo is auctioning 37 3-letter .club domain names.



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  1. This is beyond speculation, now people are just throwing their money away.

  2. And yet over half of NNN.io is still unregistered…
    I really don’t get the rules of this “Buyout” game we are all playing…

  3. .club is a meaningful global generic word.

    What is .io ???

  4. Ask someone in China how it looks to them? That will give you your answer if if this is just speculation or investment for future.

    Your going to see 7-10k for 5n in .com in 3-6 months that will be the floor. I would rather own 1 5n in .com than 500 club 5n.

    People in US don’t even use zip code names the $ is in China that is all that matters right now.
    Only a handful of extensions work for them or have value. But at the end of the day it does not mean the buyer will lose money.

  5. I wouldn’t agree that .club is a meaningful global word. To English speakers yes, to most non-English then no. Most Chinese probably don’t know what ‘club’ means. Or ‘link’ or ‘click’.

    I’m surprised that many NNN.io and LLL.io are still available to hand reg. Probably due to the high reg fee ($35 to $70). But, that could all change in one day once people catch on. The .io is a techy extension (1’s and 0’s) that could be meaningful to anyone in the world involved in tech. Plus it’s short, and the ‘i’ and ‘o’ are right next to each other on the keyboard. If .io ran a $5 or $10 special I bet the buyout would be on.

    .xyz, .click, and .link have all been taken out in short LLL, NNN and aren’t any more or less meaningful than .club or .io

  6. The demand for 4n and 5n “.Vip” will be massive in China

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