50 Cent In Da .CLUB At NYC Launch Event (video)

As you probably know by now, shortly after the .club LAUNCH on May 7th, a partnership was announced with award-winning rapper, actor and entrepreneur, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. On May 22nd 50 Cent launched his own .CLUB fan site at www.50inda.club, and both the launch of .CLUB and 50′s new site was celebrated at an exclusive party at Tao Downtown in New York City.  Many of .club partners and registrars were in attendance, along with many representatives of the domain industry and mainstream media. Here is a short video of 50 Cent saying a few words to the attendees. Yes this is the one where he mentions the 50inda.com domain name instead of 50inda.club:


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  1. Paid guy can’t tell the difference between .club and .com we should call that “the Publicist test” on addition to the “Spouse test”.

    Even Campbell had trouble making sense of his extension. I am keeping my money..you can be in your dreaming.club

  2. 50 inda dot com club LOL Classic!

    You know mainstream won’t be able to understand when the paid spokesman can’t even get it right.

  3. “50 in da .com club”. LOL


  4. Just shows you how much 50 was really invested into this, he spoke for about 30 seconds and ripped it up royally. Domainers are all over this extension, and will most likely be dropping domains next year for non action. Justin Biber in da .club, funny how they had to keep saying DOT CLUB, as it was forced, and not natural sounding. 50,000 reg at $10 avg = $500,000 probably 50’s fee, and the cost of putting on the show.

    • “probably 50′s fee, and the cost of putting on the show”

      Also, Kevin Murphy posted:
      “I was there. As disclosure, .CLUB had paid for my airfare from London, a night in a hotel, and copious amounts of alcohol.”

      From the Facebook pics, bunch of other domainers were there too, Adam Dicker, Berkens etc. So if they got that same deal, add that expense in as well.

  5. I just noticed this as well, at the end, the t-shirt with youngentrepreneur.club. Went to check it out, forwards to http://www.entrepreneur.com/topic/young-entrepreneurs

  6. I love the dot club guys… always so drunk at parties and conferences. I even bought shitfaced.club just for them

  7. My second dot club will be live soon enough…


  8. This is too funny. All this hype and money all wiped away with Fitty promoting the dot com. Congrats to all those that got a free party out of it. Kudos to the people behind the promotion of dot club. They’re going all out…old school style. Parties and alcohol.

    • I love parties and alcohol but nobody invited me.

    • Funny, the invited Rich Schwartz with an all expenses paid invite pretty much, even though he is not very supportive of GTLD, I mean they raised aboug $7M, with contention, and all the ad spending, 50 cents does not come cheap, and the venue was very nice as well, they are burning cash like a startup. As well hiring Berkens for consulting purposes, major costs, they will probably need to generate about $3-4M per year just to break even with all the overheads. With the current registration base that does not seem plausible.

      • Didn’t know they invited Rick.
        Did they hire Berkens?
        I think that they expect too many regular registrations that are just not there.
        But they have all the reserved domains so they could make some money there.

    • Shane can I list 50INDADOTCOM.CLUB in next weeks book of 10?

      Complete with URL forwarding.

  9. This is what happens when you get to spend 8.2 million of other peoples money.

    1. Let’s hire Michael Berkens to justify this extension to the domainers. Check!

    2. Let’s fly around the world promoting our extension. Check Check!

    3. Let’s hire 50 Cent as our spokesmen. Check Check Check!

    4. Let’s throw a bash in NYC and fly everyone in and foot the bill. Check Check Check Check!

    5. Remember to tell 50 Cent it’s not a dot com. Damn forgot that one!


    • Todd they should have hired you for $1M, and saved the other $7.2M for targeted marketing, 50 cent probably made them look like a joke, everyone at the party was there for free food and drinks, and anybody that actually registers them is probably feeling pretty stupid right now. I would like to know of the domainers at the party, how many actually had a few .club domains? Now that I think of it some of the premium domains just as strip.club for 6 figures sound pretty stupid.

  10. 50 cent did not even about this in his twitter, facebook, or anywhere in social media or interview. He just ripped these guys off, and these guys deserved to be ripped off.

    They could have hire someone or spent that money on giving away coupons to domainers to promote. But wrong move, they wire 50 cent, it seems like, he didnt even give rats ass lol.

    Berkens kept on pushing .club, I now know why, because they hired him, I am preety sure, he is paid north of atleast 70k plus on managing everything etc. Lucky guy, but poor owners.

    So conclusion, this gtld suck, eventually Karma caught up by manipulating domainers 🙂

  11. Looks it was a cool party. I like 50 and definitively .club also.

  12. Weird, nothing to see on 50inda.com….;)

  13. Looks like 50 Cent knew exactly what he was saying after all, 50inda.com redirects to 50inda.club, old to new, brilliant!

  14. Must’ve been late registering, even if it was damage control, it’s brilliant, and still old to new!

  15. Let’s all await THE DOMAINS press release that .club is the first extension to go over 60k registration lol

  16. “Fifty in da dot club” sounds silly when you say it. No wonder two people misspoke it in one 2 minute long video.

    They should have given him 50.club. Even 50in.club sounds better when pronounced.

  17. this is a massacre, today they are bombing us with .CLUB .BLOG .COMPANY …etc tomorrow they will invent .JOKE ……or even .SHIT (LADYGAGA.SHIT……hahahaha).i think that it will be more reasonable to invest all those millions of $$$$ in boosting existing extensions like (.BIZ .INFO.EDU).
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