65% .club domains from day 1 are not registered in .com

The .club New gTLD had about 25,781 registrations after day 1 of general availability. I did a search and found that 65% or 16,702 of the corresponding .com domains are not registered.

5,415 from these 16,702 unregistered .com domains belong to that someone that registered 7,572 .club domain names spending more than $110k!

There are 9,079 registered domains in .com that correspond to .club domains. About 50% of them (4,600) were registered after 2010. I found that hugedomains.com owns about 500 of these 4,600 domains such as:

Some of the oldest .com domains that were registered in the 90s include:

Some random domains registered in .club but are free in .com are:


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. What do you think about LiveFinals.com, your opinion is greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

  2. Great work! much appreciate.

    I saw that huge domains has a lot of club names at around $1,500 so then my question is:
    Are the .club average names worth more? if not what is the point of buying .CLUB?

    All the best ones were taken by the registry i’m not sure investing in this new extensions is the best thing to do.
    yet i let my self dragged in to it. o well…if they go south i’m sure i can forgive my self 🙂

  3. How many members does the average ‘club’ have? I’d rather be a guru or a ninja of my own, than a member of a ‘club’ 😀

  4. the .club would be worth much less, I own a few good KeywordClub.com’s, only ever got an offer on 1, all my .clubs were reserved by the registry, I already know from 5-6 years of owning names that are 8-12 years old which I got on drops, the offers are just not there. If the .com’s don’t sell, good chance the end users are not coming for the .club. The one I didn’t own, I purchased on a few minutes before the open, I was put into a auction with someone else at godaddy, I put the min $10 bid, other bidder didn’t show up, or want to pay more, so I got it for about $20 total including my original registration fee.

    Domainers have a huge advantage in knowing what offers the .com’s have had in the past, the registry will sell you stories of millions of registrations, and dollar bills raining from the skies, understand their side of the business proposal, there are some bloggers who are consultants for the registries, so their tones tend to be very one sided, and so are their articles, be smart about your investmemts, the gtld’s are not .com, they need some serious networking by the launching companies to get off the ground. We have not even hit 1,000,000 across the board, I expect a slow down, as the shiny gold flakes are coming off, and starting to expose the turd behind it all.

    • I own a few club domains and have not sold a single one.
      Although some get pretty decent traffic.
      I guess you need to have clubs that make money like night clubs and not book clubs!

      That is what I do Robbie. With some New gTLD I don’t even bother searching for domains. At others I but 1 or 2 domains.
      I am getting offers but no sale so far. I am not cheap though…

  5. i bought 480 names in 8 extensions.
    Half of that in .club all reg. price ($7.50 .club) through $27 a name

  6. for sure i compare as well with com but i dont like it
    if we want to buy party.de, do we compare it with partyde.com 😛 ?

  7. O yeah?
    I guess you are going to tell the whole world how stupid i’m…that’s ok bring it on!


  8. Yeap that’s me
    gratest.club it’s misspelled so i gave it back and got refund.

    You took the worst ones how about: jazzy.club thekids.club fam.club motor.club savanna.club exotica.club etc….

  9. I have actually sold a few *****club.com domains over the years, it looks like the only one I still have and am a member of is BigDickClub.com lol…

  10. motori.club in italian

    I don’t have motor.club i wish 🙂 sorry

  11. So??

    How many .me domain are not registered in .com what does one have to do with the other

    • Do I really have to explain this to you?
      Would you ever register the.domains leaving thedomains.com free?

      There are very very few New gtld domains that can work on their own and don’t make sense in .com.
      One category that could work is hacks.
      And if they are not registered in .com then there is a 99% chance they are crap both in .com and new gtlds.
      And even if these are good then leaving the .com unregistered means you don’t know what you are doing.

      So 99% of these 65% domains are crap.

      You are comparing a cctld that can be committed with .com. But even in .me are any of the good domains kiss.me etc. free in .com?

    • Most of my good New gTLD purchases have matching .com registered from 2003 and earlier.
      Can anyone say that sports.marketing is good and then wonder if the .com is taken or not? Not in a million years.

      I have 5-10 new gtlds that the .com are free. I won’t be keeping those as the domains are stupid in new gtld and .com. There were impulse purchases.

  12. I think the point was if Bahamas.tv is registered one might also find BahamasTV.com to be of value and registered also, or if not worthy of getting, but otherwise I agree WTF does Bahamas.tv have to do with BahamasTV.com…

    • Sure you can use Bahamas.tv independently but you will have .com bleeding.

      I just registered clinicalcompany.com to match my clinical.company. I just found that someone has registered theclinicalcompany.com and left clinicalcompany.com. That is not wise.

    • Both domains can provide the same service. One used to come at an annual premium that it’s wealthy owner did not feel the need to keep paying, as they did not see their investment being returned. They felt the .com was a better investment, will other investors, and end users follow suit when it comes to gtld’s and premium pricing rather than an $8.50 .com?

  13. http://www.danceclub.com or http://www.dance.club,

    http://www.moneymanagement.com or http://www.money.management

    The new extension is way easier to read and looks way better!

    I think it is obvious which one people will want!

    .com will always have value because of the invested interest, but it is very obvious certain new gtld’s will be very valuable some day, possibly sooner than some think.

    Now, if only some registries can get on board and stop hoarding names / raising rates.

    • If you put the www with the new gltd I think they loose their balance. But that could be me only.

      But the point is not what looks better. Would you register dance.club today and leave danceclub.com unregistered?

      Not happening: “Now, if only some registries can get on board and stop hoarding names / raising rates.”

      • With or without the www, i think the new gtld looks better and are easier to read, which may make the new extensions more memorable than the .com version. These new gtld’s have more uses than a .com.

        This maybe why many three word names are left in the .com space, they stink in dot come because they are long three worders, tough to read and tough to type.

      • 3 word domains (including the string) suck in new gtlds too.
        I think that the only good ones are the ones where you can’t separate the 2 words on the left like: creditcard.loan or newyork.vacations.

      • Yeah i agree, ^^

        I think sub extensions will come into play more with the new gtld’s. eg,


        having the dot now doesn’t seem as weird.

      • I take it back they both have their own specialties. .com is definitely better for brand names. they don’t go as well with the new keyword gtlds.

    • No dltG, let the registries hoard, soon or later, they will respond to market dynamics. by then, it would be too late as they will all be bleeding 😉

      Though I must be stupid I still don’t see how and why I would need a .management, .xyz, .professional .theysuck or .iamcrazy. I read the string on abcdefiamtiredoftypingthingthisshit.xyz and i am like….why would i waste my user’s time getting them to type all that?

      People are information rich but time poor. Just committing their time to remember you at .management will be a huge step for them. You better really be worth their time. I am sure a handful are going to work on would possibly need a competitive strategy course or degree to know which ones. Remember…if everyone is doing it, its difficult to capture economic value out of it!

      • I believe a lot of these new TLD operators have some very strategic initiatives that go well beyond domainer portfolios. Although .xyz describes very little, .nyc or .bike in 5-10 years could really mean something in searches and credible website use. For me, the jury is out until then.

      • But we all can see the strategic imperative of .nyc or .miami and .berlin and my question is.. how in the world is .bike, .xyz or .tatoo have in similarity with the city domains?

      • .bike and .tattoo don’t compare with the city domains but they do have their small niche market.
        .xyz does not.

  14. clinicalco.com avail

  15. whats the chance that registries are adding reserves on the list of purchases just to project an image of demand for their extension? Just saying…

  16. Maybe the registries are holding back for strategic reasons – to find strategic anchors or parties who will use the choice domains as opposed to sitting in domain portfolios unused. Just a thought.

    • I think they are just waiting for the big money.

    • I struggle to see the smarts in holdbacks in competitive markets with little or no differentiation,and where adoptions mean everything. It would make sense to sell everything you can cheap and focus on getting renewals.

      It makes sense to say “we got 40,000 registrations this year and we are aiming at doubling that next year” than saying “we are pricing high this year hoping to cash in quick as we come up with a stable business model over the coming years” If renewals are voluntary as we know they are, what prevents your current buyers from having buyers remorse and choose to jump on the next new thing instead of spending big on renewals? Just thinking

      • I believe that in new gtlds adoption is a collective thing.
        I don’t think that the .club registry is going to give all their 6000 reserved domains at $10 just to get $30k per year and the “adoption”
        will probably help more .web or .shop. They prefer to sell 2 of these domains and get that $30k. And when new gtld adoption comes by all
        the new gtld then they will both get more registrations and sales from the reserved domains.

        Different registries have different methods. Donuts has probably less reserved domains but higher renewals. .Club has low renewals but lots or reserved domains.

  17. I agree with BUL!

    NO ONE is ever gonna type in any tld more than 3 characters. Period. Have you already forgotten .mobi, .jobs and .name? Nothing was wrong with them and they suck no worse than any of the retarded new ones, but they failed bc they were too long. Oh, and they were stupid — but so are all of the new ones.

    .club? .xyz? .tattoo? .architecture? .photography? In what universe do these have value? Give me a &*$@@$% break.

    • I think they will. The gtlds you mention were either restricted or stupid.mobi.

    • I disagree. I think that with so many new options in searching, particularly with brand TLDs, people will adjust within a few years and have no problem typing whether on the right or left of dot.

      • Yeah I agree MD,

        People just don’t know about them. I have asked many random people if they know about the new changes not one has ever known. After i told business owners they said they will look into it.

        Rick said it in today’s domain sherpa interview, .club is the only one marketing.

        I like some of these new extensions but am trending lightly.

        With .com, people always know they can look in .com for anything. For many gTLD’s people have to be aware of the name to type it. Some extensions like .shoes are obvious so many people will type highheel.shoes but will find it parked, reserved, or redirected.

        This is why “for now” the gTLD’s will have limited aftermarket sales. In 20 years it will be a different ball game.

    • @Fred, not forgetting that they have to change peoples behaviors and habits which not even apple does. You see apple did not reinvent a new phone…they just made their iPhone work better and so a new user experience is born.

      I don’t see how .xyz is going to improve the market experience of a truly generic product.

      Throwing just about everything to the marketplace is like heralding blind sip tests for your new drink as an explanation on why you want to compete with Coke in the cola market; forgetting that in the real world, people don’t drink Cola’s blind and brand do matter.

      I did a spouse test on .club .photography .berlin and .tatoo and all she remembered was .berlin, annoyingly mixing things up like club.photography.berlin or club.tatoo.com and finally says “I DON’T CARE”…and yet, she’s a copy writer with Ad Agency branding experience. Try that with your mom, dad or your local butcher and see where it goes!

  18. Why your motor.club doesn’t appear on the WHOIS?

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