6654 premium .club domains for sale at Sedo (strip.club, country.club, yacht.club)

club-new-gtldThe .club registry has partnered with Sedo to offer their reserved premium .club domain names. Sedo is currently offering 6654 .club domains.

I visited a few of the description pages at Sedo and all description pages read:

This is a registry owned domain and the sale is managed by sedo. You may be contacted by a Sedo representative if you place an offer
or contact us at gtld-specialist[at]sedo.com.

I then tried to make an offer on a few of the domains, that are set to “Make Offer, and got the following message:

Unfortunately, your offer is too low and cannot be accepted. Please submit an offer above the seller’s minimum bid threshold of xxx,000 USD.

I tried to make an offer on 20 common .club domains and these are the minimum bid prices I got:

strip.club $150,000
film.club $10,000
sandwich.club $2,500
country.club $150,000
fitness.club $100,000
book.club $150,000
the.club $7,500
beach.club $15,000
yacht.club $62,500
ski.club $50,000
golf.club $125,000
football.club $9,999
movie.club $75,000
health.club $50,000
you.club $2,500
weed.club $5,000
realestate.club $62,500
sailing.club $7,500
computer.club $15,000

Please not that this is just the minimum bid price and the the final price can be higher. As a reference as I was going through the domains I noticed that the Buy It Now for the domain name health.co is set at $175,000.

If you try to visit any of the above domains you are out of luck as these are not actually registered and are not resolving as the .club registry has not followed the Uniregistry and .Rich examples that registered their premium domains to shell companies and then parked the domains.

Just a reminder that the Land Rush period for .club domain names is now over. General availability for .Club starts on Wednesday May 7, 2014.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the OnlineDomain.com blog in 2012.


  1. I pre-ordered a few .club names. Yesterday I received a communication from my registrar to say that two were now considered premium names and, unless I could find over $20k by tomorrow, I would not be able to have them.

    Needless to say, I will not be finding over $20k by tomorrow.

  2. The cabal of the ig market places in action.

    Domainers are the most foolish set of investors I have ever seen.

    The Registrars drop catch domain names, and sell them at thousands to domainers.

    The Market places conspire with Registries and retail names at thousands, and hundreds of thousands to domainers

    The Domain Bloggers trumpet their daily sales.

    It’s a big joke.

    The Domainer is the clueless idiot that keeps them all in business. While they cut the domainer out of the food chain.

    If the Domainer thinks for a minute, and boycott of them, they will all fold.

    So, stop complaining Zournas, you are the end user. There are no set prices for end-users, it could be as high as the domainer wants, sorry Registry.

  3. I can buy a house for what I can buy an unproven extension with a keyword, and a dot in front of it. Sorry, but many Keyword Club .com’s are sitting parked since 1990’s with the original domain investors, these guys missed the mark. Half of the businesses they are marketing to, do not have the capital to spend 5-6 figures on such an unproven commodity. To many choices coming down the pipeline to blow your wad on this offering.

    • These prices are clearly not targeting domainers but end users.
      So since the new registries are actually domainers and judging from myself and my non .com domains, then maybe 1% of the lower quality (sub $2500) of these 6654 domains will be sold within the next year. 5 figures sales will be very difficult but could happen with the right marketing.

  4. As domainers we work with end users, and know what they are willing to pay, if I can buy a domain for $25K, and know an end user will pay $50K, I might roll the dice. Unless end users are hopped up on some of that good stuff, or irrational exuberance is in play so be it.

    If I own a strip club, and want to brand it strip.club, and let’s say pay the min amount of $150K, I would be crazy, rather than branding it BlondiesStripClub dot com or etc for $1000 or less… I would put that $150K into my business, not to many CLUBS are going to make direct sales off their website to outlay such large cash amounts, then deal with uncertain terms in regards to renewal pricing going forward.

    • I don’t take such high gambles. I haven’t paid 25k for any domain although I would if I found the one I like.
      In new gTLDs $1000 is my extreme upper limit. $200 is my limit at the moment.

      150k for a strip club is a lot even buying stripclub.com because that is not how customers go to strip clubs.
      A high end gold-club could pay up if you can convince it… Maybe not $100k but $15k is possible.

      • I agree with all your points, I am guessing they will come off these high prices, and maybe put some into auction, a few might bite, but overall I did some extensive research into the KeywordClub.com’s, and many are still parked with prices under $10K. So from that standpoint if there are interested parties out there, they would have splashed on the .com already. Social Media accounts take a lot of the action in this space as well from an informal point of view.

  5. *

    $150,000 could buy a major .com, which would have a regular renewal rate.

    I find .club rather ho-hum, and I believe end users will too.

    Rich people who belong to exclusive clubs tend not to want to trumpet that fact to the 99%.

    Strip clubs tend to be tawdry (my late mother was a stripper who often worked with Lenny Bruce and his wife Honey), and Strip.club is a tawdry name. Your typical strip mall strip club isn’t going to shell out $150,000 and then pay a premium renewal each year.

    A clueless newb with deep pockets might, though.



  6. This is the one where I think they probably should have kept their expectations to themselves, since they’re pretty ridiculous. And when you fail to meet them, it’s not a good look. They said 1 million by end of year 1, 5 million by end of year 5. Problem with that is most of the good ones look like they’re reserved premium with ridiculous amounts. Individual type domains like .guru, should sell more than group names like .club. Better marketing than anything out now, but demand? Just don’t see it.

  7. You really have to take this space with an ounce of salt, everything that precedes .club in the future could devalue your investment today, that is why it is so important for them to get their $5m plus out right away.

    Let’s say .lounge comes out, .clubs, .relax, .hobby etc… each, and everyone of those can pick at some niches within your gtld, and possibly devalue your own domain. This is what the difference between .com , and .anything is, they are not done producing, it is an endless loop.

  8. DomainMarket.com not only selling health.co they got following couple of high priced domains

    DomainMarket.co – $500,000
    Advertising.co – $300,000
    Drugstore.co – $200,000
    Money.co – $200,000
    Movies.co – $200,000
    Oil.co – $200,000
    Shopping.co – $200,000
    Time.co – $200,000
    Health.co – $175,000
    Gold.co – $170,000
    Downloads.co – $150,000
    Art.co – $120,000
    Bank.co – $120,000
    CreditCards.co – $120,000
    Doctors.co – $120,000
    Fun.co – $120,000
    Gas.co – $120,000
    Investing.co – $120,000
    Shoes.co – $120,000
    Computers.co – $110,000
    Football.co – $110,000
    Tires.co – $110,000
    Clothing.co – $95,000
    Entertainment.co – $95,000
    Training.co – $95,000
    Appliances.co – $85,000
    Technology.co – $85,000
    Boats.co – $75,000
    Cameras.co – $75,000
    Dance.co – $75,000
    Gardening.co – $75,000
    Girls.co – $75,000
    Party.co – $75,000
    Solar.co – $75,000
    Watches.co – $75,000
    Weddings.co – $75,000
    Antiques.co – $65,000
    Candles.co – $65,000
    Handbags.co – $65,000
    Networking.co – $65,000
    Office.co – $65,000
    Bath.co – $55,000
    Boating.co – $55,000
    Fitness.co – $55,000
    Taxes.co – $55,000
    Luggage.co – $45,000
    Pawn.co – $45,000
    Racing.co – $45,000
    Retirement.co – $45,000
    Condos.co – $35,000
    DigitalCameras.co – $35,000
    Jazz.co – $35,000
    Patio.co – $35,000
    Accessories.co – $25,000
    Biking.co – $25,000
    Exercise.co – $25,000
    Monitors.co – $25,000
    Parts.co – $25,000
    Plants.co – $25,000
    Servers.co – $25,000
    Skating.co – $25,000
    Classical.co – $20,000
    Linens.co – $20,000
    Bed.co – $15,000
    Hybrid.co – $15,000
    Orchids.co – $15,000
    Trees.co – $15,000
    Wheels.co – $15,000
    CigarStore.co – $10,000
    ClassicalMusic.co – $10,000
    Desktops.co – $10,000
    Driving.co – $10,000
    DvdPlayers.co – $10,000
    Tulips.co – $10,000
    Brakes.co – $9,000

    * I got one unique domain Submit.co got an offer of 5K from sedo but expecting around 7K if anyone interested let me know

  9. Hi Guys

    Any ideas how much i can sell aff.club ?


  10. hey guys where and how can i sell .club domain names, it will be of great help.

  11. I want some ufc type .club domain. I have seen ultimate fighter dot club at sedo.its reserve it too low being a premium domain.what you guys think.as I want to develop a website like ultimate fighter .club for fans

  12. Just curious , what do you think about these .club domain names.. currently i am the owner.

  13. @kon
    I just registered Jiggy.club and Jigga.club please what did you think about the worth putting in consideration that Jiggy and club goes together and is all about is party!

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