Campaign to boycott the .Build New gTLD

General availability for the New gTLD .build starts today and anyone that cares about domaining should stay away. You should not support the same people that steal from domainers.

Plan Bee, LLC, the .build registry, is a California company and part of the Minardos Group and one third of the group that consists of “What Box Holdings“, “Plan Bee LLC” andThomas A. Brackey IIthat has managed to register more than 300 premium generic domain names before anyone else. How? Using “fake” trademarks in Sunrise.

I wrote an article a couple of months back about the “Build” trademark when I still thought that it was not related to “What Box Holdings” and Thomas A. Brackey II.

Plan Bee, LLC has been registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse for the mark “build” in class 14 that relates to precious metals. The Minardos Group is a construction company and doesn’t have to do anything with precious metals or charms (see below). I asked Plan Bee, LLC for a comment then but didn’t hear back. No wonder…

Plan Bee LLC, located at 427 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, 90210 California, US has 2 Swiss trademarks for charms using as their agent for the terms “build” and “construction”.

I checked 62 New gTLDs strings that have passed the Sunrise phase against their 39 (34 What Box+2 Plan Bee+3 Thomas A. Brackey II) trademarks. I found that they have registered 330 (259+14+57) domain names in Sunrise so far. Click on the numbers to see the complete lists of domain names. Since then more new gtlds have launched and more domains have been taken away from you.

There are tens of New gTLDs coming up. So if you have in mind in getting build.web or construction.web or social.web you can forget it.

Sunrise for .build failed attracting less than 80 domain name registrations. I expect fewer than 300 new registrations today in general availability and if you can help we can bring this number even lower. Please retweet if possible.

Basic .build domains will be available at $99 per year. Premium domains will be way more expensive that $99. That is way too expensive for an extension that has too many alternatives such as .builders and .construction.

So don’t buy any .build domains unless you want to fund the people that will steal the domain names you want before you even have a chance in the New gTLDs that are coming in the next few months.


About Konstantinos Zournas

I studied Computer Engineering and Computer Science in London, UK and I am now living in Athens, Greece. I went online in 1995, started coding in 1996 and began buying domain names and creating websites in 2000. I started the blog in 2012.


  1. Sadly, all these domains are worthless. So much hassle for nothing.

    They haven’t learned from .eu.

  2. Wasn’t going to buy any .build domains anyways but thanks for the interesting post.

  3. Wasn’t going to buy this garbage .build extension, but will certainly put the word out nobody even dares think about registering one either if this is the case.

  4. Any idea where I can find their whois server?

  5. We gave it a tweet to warn others.

  6. for sure i will not support them

  7. 99 names registered, couldn’t even break 100 that is truly sad

  8. Agreed Konstantinos, thank you for posting this, I was actually waiting for someone to suggest this.

    .build is a pretty weak gTLD anyway – really low on the list of useful gTLDs in my opinion. .builders is better.

  9. So stupid of all those people who think they know it all.
    No one can tell us how it will go with these new gTLD’s.
    It is new and it brings new changes for a lot of people.

    So why don’t we just find out how it will go from here…
    Be a little more positiv.

    oh and by the way : we have some greaaaaat names !

    And many many more.

    Yep.. i’m from Holland.

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