My registrar complaints part 2:,,

Some people say that I complain a lot. Maybe they are right but most of the times I have a reason to complain. I am a very active domainer and developer meaning that I buy domains, sell domains, push domains, transfer domains, unlock domains, request auth codes, update whois, update nameservers, bid on auctions and a lot more every single day. When I try to do simple tasks like these and every single time I encounter an error I get frustrated. I don’t have to contact support and wait for days to update whois on a single domain. Following “My registrar complaints part 1:,,” from yesterday I am doing a part 2 today.

Here are a few more of my complaints from the same 24 hour span:

Enom will not unlock and send an auth code for an expired domain. Most of the other registrars do this. Again I don’t like it so I don’t use them except for my auctions domains that I transfer out before renewals. Also their reseller accounts don’t allow users to make refills of less than $100 and you can’t make individual purchases. That can easily be fixed. Bari Meyerson send me an email asking me how I am doing and if I need anything from Enom but my reply emails from 2 different email addresses both bounced by the Enom spam/virus server. Bari if you read this please white list my email address…

At domain monster I couldn’t update whois to .us domains. Support was understanding and promised to fix the problem. They did fix it but it took them about 4 days.

It took me several hours so I could enter an auction for 7 domains I had backordered. Instead of entering automatically into the auction I had to click on a link in an email and then agree that I wanted to enter the auction. Of course the email message didn’t show up in so after several support tickets I learned that I had to open the source code and copy/paste the link. When that didn’t work. I had take out several characters added by outlook and then the link finally worked. Support was not really helpful and didn’t resend the emails to a different email address as I requested. They didn’t care if I made a bid or not. If hadn’t studied programming and knew php I couldn’t have done it. And all that to simply enter an action. MERCY!!!
The next day and after all the auctions were over I was contacted by phone by Christian Heller who was very helpful and offered to help me if anything else goes wrong. He send me his personal email address and we also discussed hexonet domain name pricing and the control panel that they want to upgrade as most of their business is currently fueled by their API.


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  1. Thanks for your note. I’ll have it looked into immediately! 🙂

  2. also sucks, when you have been abused by a seller who sold you a stollen domain then they freeze your whole account with all your names for months: OUCH!

  3. If you ever write about I will buy the book.

  4. Why not try NameSilo? I’ve been with them for over 2 years and never had any problems. On top of that, their support is excellent and their pricing is the lowest I’ve seen. They don’t do hosting or anything else – just domains, and they do that very well. No gimmicks or stupid policies like arbitrary locking of domains. And no, I don’t work for NameSilo. Just look around the web for reviews on them. I can’t find anything but positive feedback.

  5. Enom is not the Enom I once knew!
    I have been with them for about 8 to 10 years. In this past month, I actually almost went off the deep end. Let me explain:
    First week in September I had a client contact me about bounced emails. So I tested his email and sure enough they were being bounced. I called support and while on the phone the engineer was babbling. Along these lines; “What is that doing there… NO, that isn’t right…” He was actually making these statements as he was looking at his own companies mailserver configuration. That is scary. In either case, that problem was resolved.
    Than comes this past week. Again, the same client contacts me to state his email is being bounced. So again, I run some tests. This time I find that SPF is failing completely. Not only with his domain email but all my domains and other clients as well. The culprit; the mail was being directed to mailscanner. So I called support and asked them to fix this. They in return stated that I was responsible and that it was my SPF records causing the redirect to mailscanner. I explained to the tech support personnel that all my domains which use email were getting a 9/10 score and now due to their new settings were getting a 0.2/10 score. And, that it would be impossible for me to redirect email without access to their mailserver and/or direct access to the host records (servers). I haven’t heard a peep from their support team since Thursday. I am now in the process of moving all these domains from these incompetent fools. Since they obviously do not respect their service level commitment nor care that we have been without normal email service operation for (5) days. They aren’t worth anymore of my time or money at this point! I have lost all respect for this company.

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