Namejet – Enom whois privacy glitch

I have won several domain names at Namejet auctions. One problem I always have is this. A lot of the domain names I won are behind privacy before I win them and continue to be behind privacy after these are in my account at Enom. (I am only talking about Enom auctioned domains) That is probably because the owner that is selling the domain name at Namejet has the domains behind privacy. Or it is because the previous owners, that let the domain names expire, also had the domain names behind privacy.

The problem is that privacy is not removed after I won the domain names and these are pushed into my account. This only happens with domains that are registered with Enom.

Most of the time the domains that are behind privacy appear in my Enom account with privacy disabled even thought whois shows them behind privacy. So I have to ask support to remove privacy from my domains. I do this because I rarely use privacy for my domains and also because I can’t receive emails to these domains. It is most probable that privacy is attached to the previous account, the one that bought the privacy. So if an interested party emails the privacy email address, I don’t receive the email. I discovered that while transferring the domain names out of Enom. I requested the authorization codes for my domains but never got them. Enom support is very responsive but you have to go through the whole process in order to remove privacy that you never requested.

Also, be careful for privacy (that is enabled in your account) not to be on auto renew if you don’t need it. You will actually pay for privacy you didn’t order if you don’t remove the auto renew.


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